New NiGHTS screens touch down

New screens of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams have emerged, showing the little jester's Wii outing to be every bit as dream-like as his Saturn outing some 11 years ago. Check out the screens through the Images tab above.

The screens show NiGHTS paralooping through a water-themed level with the classic floor/ceiling floor weirdness of the original in full effect. We like the way the fish and bubbles seem to be flying in the air and not in the water - anything can happen in a dream, right? Only last night, for instance, we dreamt we were using a biro as deodorant. But anyway...

Interestingly, NiGHTS doesn't seem to be wearing a mask in these pics, despite swimming with the fishes, so it's still anyone's guess as to how he's going to use the new items in the game. One thing we've spotted in the screenshots appears to be a giant bird with wings of fire behind the boss (see below). But what at first glance looks like its beaked head and red body is in fact one of the floating hands of the boss himself. But if it is a bird, we'd wager you have to throw the boss like Puffy (the boss from the original game's Soft Museum level) and into its clutches.

Above: Is that a bird with wings of fire in the background? Looks like it's feeding time

Justin Towell

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