Netflix’s new #1 movies and shows are being called "super satisfying" and "truly wild"

George MacKay in I Came By
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Netflix has a pair of new #1 movies and shows – and they’re perfect for fans of true crime and intense thrillers.

I Came By is a new thriller topping Netflix’s movie charts. It stars George MacKay and Percelle Ascott as a pair of graffiti artists who stumble upon the basement of a retired judge (Hugh Bonneville) – a man who will stop at nothing to contain the dark secrets hidden within. It’s packed with twists, turns, and more than one shocker that will have you leaping out of your seat.

"You have to watch I Came By on Netflix," one viewer wrote on Twitter. "I’m 40 mins in and the heart palpitations I’m getting. British productions know suspense." Another said, "It was disturbing, chilling and sad. The performances were superb all around and I highly recommend it.  Now to grab a few hours hopefully without nightmares!"

The praise keeps on coming on social media, with one saying, "I Came By on Netflix is super creepy, super twisty, and super satisfying. Wasn’t expecting so many story gymnastics but every one stuck the landing. This is one confident film. Awful and awfully good." Another Netflix viewer said, "It's a thriller but feels like a horror movie."

The critics, though, are a little more torn. IGN called it "a small-but-gripping flick that takes a well-used premise and gives it enough narrative zest to provide a few surprises," though The Guardian wrote, "Bonneville’s performance will linger, the film not so much."

If that’s not your bag, then I Am a Killer might be. The self-explanatory title belies its dark underbelly, with Netflix’s true crime documentary taking the time to sit down with death row inmates convicted of murder, who then give first-hand accounts of their crimes. Yes, it is as remarkable as it sounds.

"I’m wide-eyed the entire time i watch I Am a Killer on Netflix," said one viewer on Twitter, while another described it as “truly wild.”

Others, meanwhile, were impressed with a twist on the true crime formula – namely, how the interviewees respond to previous interviews. "Often, interview subjects are effectively siloed without opportunity to respond or reflect on each others' responses. Here, subjects are interviewed multiple times and we watch them listen to parts of other interviews. Excellent work," said one viewer.

So, if you’re looking for a new series or movie to watch – and don’t intend to sleep peacefully tonight – then Netflix has a pair of ace shows and movies at number one. 

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