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6 New Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, and HBO Max movies and shows to stream this weekend

Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan in The Tender Bar
(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Congratulations – you've made it through the first week of 2022. And what better way to celebrate than to kick back and relax in front of a new movie or series this weekend? There are certainly enough new additions to your favorite streaming platforms to see you through to Sunday night,

If you're planning a movie night, you've got plenty of choice: The Tender Bar is now on Prime Video worldwide, starring Ben Affleck and directed by George Clooney, or if you prefer your movies with a few more explosions, there's Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard on HBO Max. Meanwhile, in the UK, you can catch new post-apocalyptic thriller Mother/Android on Netflix and The Big Short on Disney Plus.

As for series, both teen drama Euphoria and comedy The Righteous Gemstones kick off their second seasons on HBO Max this weekend – so whether you'd rather spend the next few Sundays with Zendaya or John Goodman (or both), your winter viewing is sorted.

The Tender Bar – Amazon

The Tender Bar

(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Available: Worldwide
Watch today: Prime Video

The Tender Bar is the fruit of George Clooney's latest turn in the director's chair – based on the memoir of the same name by J.R. Moehringer, the movie follows Moehringer (played by Daniel Ranieri as a child and Tye Sheridan as a young adult) as he grows up in Long Island and seeks out father figures among the patrons at his uncle Charlie's (Ben Affleck) bar. The script was penned by William Monahan, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Martin Scorsese’s 2006 crime thriller The Departed, and Lily Rabe and Christopher McDonald also star.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard – HBO Max

Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Available: US
Watch now: HBO Max

A sequel to 2017's The Hitman's Bodyguard, the movie sees Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Salma Hayek return for more action. Bodyguard Michael (Reynolds) is on the brink of retirement when Sonia (Hayek) asks for his help after mobsters kidnap her hitman husband Darius (Jackson). The trio are then recruited by Interpol to help catch a terrorist mastermind who wants to destroy the European power grid – as you do. Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman join the cast for round two.

Euphoria season 2 – HBO Max

Zendaya in Euphoria

(Image credit: HBO)

Available: US
Watch today: HBO Max

HBO teen drama Euphoria returns for season 2, with the first episode airing on Sunday and subsequent episodes airing weekly. The series follows a group of high school students and their experiences with friendship, love, sex, drugs, and trauma. Zendaya stars in the lead role, and she became the youngest person to win the Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Drama for her work on season 1. Maude Apatow, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Hunter Schafer, and Sydney Sweeney also make up the ensemble cast.

The Righteous Gemstones season 2 – HBO Max

The Righteous Gemstones

(Image credit: HBO)

Available: US
Watch today: HBO Max 

Praise be to The Righteous Gemstones. The dark comedy, following a family of evangelists who aren’t quite on the straight and narrow with the Ten Commandments, was one of the most overlooked series when it first debuted in 2019.

Three years later, the Christian clan is back – and a set of new faces looks set to put the fear of God into the Gemstones. Chief among them is Eric Andre’s Lyle Lissons who, along with his wife Lindy, is set to launch a 'Christian timeshare resort.' Expect cringe-inducing scenes and some blasphemous belly laughs as the Gemstones shine on HBO Max once more.

Mother/Android – Netflix


(Image credit: Netflix)

Available: UK
Watch today:

Because you can’t beat a bit of post-apocalyptic fun to kick off the New Year. Chloe Grace Moretz plays Georgia, a pregnant woman who must navigate a ruined world where androids have turned against humans in order to get her child to safety. Alongside her boyfriend Sam (Euphoria’s Algee Smith), she must silently get through the android-infested No Man’s Land if she wants to survive. We’re getting major whiffs of The Road and A Quiet Place from this – which is no bad thing. 

The Big Short – Disney Plus

The Big Short

(Image credit: Paramount)

Available: UK
Watch today:
Disney Plus

Adam McKay has been making some serious headlines with his satirical drama Don’t Look Up. 2015’s The Big Short is cut from the same real-world cloth and sees Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling portraying the four major players involved in the 2008 financial crash.

The topic may sound as dry as a weeks-old Christmas turkey, but it’s enlivened by whip-smart humor, fourth-wall breaks, exceptional lead performances, and a director who is able to wrestle masterfully with alarming contemporary conversations. Subprime loans have never been so entertaining.

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