New Monster Hunter Rise trailer shows Apex monsters and the Rampage in action

The latest Monster Hunter Rise trailer is all about the Rampage, a mysterious calamity that seems to drive monsters mad, as well as plenty of new and returning monsters.

The Rampage has always been described as a disaster with the new flagship monster, Magnamalo, at the center, but this is the first time we've truly seen it in action. 

Rampage quests seem to be arena-style brawls that feature multiple monsters, with three (or more, potentially) large monsters barging in at once – even two of the same one. Fortunately, the arena is filled with siege tools and weapons like the piercing Dragonator from Monster Hunter World which you can use to deal heavy damage to monsters while stunning them. Better still, the twin guardians of the new home base can join you in the arena for backup, which is mighty reassuring.

A new trailer almost always means new monsters, and this one didn't disappoint. We've now got confirmation that Basarios, Diablos, Rajang, and Volvidon will all be returning in Monster Hunter Rise, and we've also got two more newcomers in the spider-like Rakna-Kadaki and the mud dragon Almudron. 

More importantly, this trailer showed us an Apex version of Arzuros, a bear-like monster previously seen in the demo for Rise. Apex monsters were introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as an ultimate end-game challenge which could only be hunted with special tools that reign in their power, and while we're still waiting on the exact details for Rise, it's clear they'll put up quite a fight. 

Our first taste of the next Monster Hunter left us hungry for more – check out our full Monster Hunter Rise preview for more details.

Austin Wood

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