New Marvel UK superteam takes on Knull in The Union #3 preview

Page from The Union #3
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's newly-crowned United Kingdom super-team the Union's clash with the forces of Knull continues, in newly-released interior pages from The Union #3 as part of the Venom-centric King in Black crossover.

In the issue, Kelpie takes the spotlight in the fight against Knull's monstrous forces, and the action kicks right off in the unlettered pages seen here from series artist Andrea Di Vito.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Kelpie goes rogue! In the wake of the disastrous Knull invasion, Kelpie takes drastic action," reads Marvel's official solicitation text for The Union #3. "But when her choices land her in hot water, only Union Jack will be able to save her!"

Comprised of the classic Marvel character Union Jack (sort of a British Captain America with a legacy dating back to the WWII super-team the Invaders) and a whole roster of new heroes including the aforementioned Kelpie as well as Snakes and team leader Britannia (a kind of superhero personification of the spirit of the British Isles themselves), the Union was meant to debut over the summer before the comic book industry shutdowns caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Writer Paul Grist and artist Andrea Di Vito's five-issue Union limited series eventually launched in December 2020, just in time to tie-in to the cosmic, Venom-centric King in Black, which focuses on an invasion of Earth by Knull, the dark god of the symbiotes.

Here's the gallery of interior pages:

The Union #3 is due out February 24.

The Union is one of Marvel's newest super teams. Over the years, Marvel's biggest hero team the Avengers has had an evolving roster of the Earths Mightiest Heroes.

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