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New Machete trailer brings the bad(ass)

If anybody knows how to do Grindhouse, it’s Robert Rodriguez. He proved that with his gore-somely masterful Planet Terror (ten times better than its subpar sister-flick Death Proof ).

And he’s about to prove it again with Machete , for which he has just released a special “illegal” trailer via Ain't It Cool News .

Based on the fake trailer that was attached to Rodriguez and Tarantino’s Grindhouse revival, Machete stars Danny Trejo as a deadly killer sent to kill crooked politician Robert De Niro.

This new trailer expands on the original fake one (ahem) to convince us that this flick is the machete-mexploitation-film-starring-danny-trejo-and-lindsay-lohan to see this year.

Want Jessica Alba? You got her. Want Trejo flinging blades? You got it. Want a machete fight between Trejo and Steven Seagal? Look no further.

To revel in the awesomeness, click the trailer pic below to head over to AICN ...

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