New Lego Donkey Kong sets are a nostalgia overload for longtime fans

Lego Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and Mole Miner in front of the mine cart set
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The upcoming Lego Donkey Kong sets have finally been revealed in full, and they're crammed with nods to the games - from the SNES through to the present day - that'll make fans of the series very happy.

Besides giving us a better look at the extended Kong clan (Diddy, Cranky, Funky, and Dixie) after they were teased earlier this week, this full line-up of Lego Donkey Kong sets shows off plenty of throwbacks drawn from the series' long history. As an example, the most iconic of Donkey Kong's animal companions appear alongside locations like DK's treehouse and those mine cart tracks that seem to make their way into every single instalment.

More specifically, Rambi the Rhino and Squawks the Parrot (who made their first appearance in the original Donkey Kong Country and have popped up in games ever since) are included amongst these additions to Lego Super Mario sets. Likewise, Mole Miners and the shark-like Snaggles from Donkey Kong Country Returns are featured as obstacles to overcome.

We've got more details on each Lego Donkey Kong set below. They all arrive on shelves this August 1, and you'll be able to pre-order them shortly via Lego's official store in the Super Mario section.

Donkey Kong’s Tree House

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Price$59.99 / £57.99
Release dateAugust 1
Item number71424

This headline kit gets you the big man himself, along with Cranky Kong and the treehouse where you start most of your adventures in the game series. Palm trees with big bunches of bananas are included too (naturally), along with conga drums for the ape to play. Perhaps while he reminisces over that weird Gamecube bongo game he did all those years ago.

In terms of interactivity, Donkey Kong can be fitted with a seat to carry other figures (I'm glad to see it's not baked into the model itself, as I initially thought when the range was unveiled). Meanwhile, the official product listing says that visiting Cranky Kong will "earn you coins." There's a secret compartment hidden away in here, too…

The set will cost $59.99 / £57.99 via the official Lego store and launches on August 1. 

Diddy Kong's Mine Cart Ride

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Price$109.99 / £94.99
Release dateAugust 1
Item number71425

Would it be Donkey Kong without a zany mine cart section? Of course not, and the same is true of the Donkey Kong Lego sets. This one features a little course for you to make (complete with jumps), a mine cart to ride in, and enemies to defeat like the Snaggles shark or Mole Miner from the Wii era of DK.

However, the coolest bit is the figures you get. Along with loveable sidekick Diddy Kong, Funky Kong features with his plane shop from Tropical Freeze - the one that could sell you balloon lives, as is the case here.

This is the most expensive Lego Donkey Kong set on the Lego store at $109.99 / £94.99, and it'll also arrive this August 1.

Dixie Kong’s Jungle Jam

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Price$26.99 / £20.99
Release dateAugust 1
Item number71421

It may be a smaller kit, but this is still full of fun references. Alongside Dixie Kong with the iconic guitar that she's been known for ever since illustrations in the instruction booklet from DK Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (her first appearance), Squawks the Parrot makes an appearance too. Although this feathered friend is still around in the franchise now, it started out as a character who lit the way for you in dark places during the original Donkey Kong Country, and then as an ally you could hold onto and fly with during certain levels in the sequel. Because those animal companions were such an essential part of the early Donkey Kong games, it's an addition longtime fans are likely to appreciate

This is a slightly cheaper set on the Lego store at $26.99 / £20.99, and it arrives this August 1.

Rambi the Rhino

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Price$10.99 / £8.99
Release dateAugust 1
Item number71420

It's the cheapest and smallest Lego Donkey Kong set, but it'll still strike a chord with long-time fans. Rambi the Rhino is the first animal companion you find in Donkey Kong Country, and features very early on in the game. That means they've got a special place in the heart of many, so seeing a rideable version here is cool. You can also simulate Rambi smashing through crates.

You can get this kit for $10.99 / £8.99 as of August 1, making it the cheapest of the Lego Donkey Kong bunch.

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