New Legend of Zelda Anniversary concerts planned for US and Canada

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Legend Zelda franchise, Nintendo announced a series of concerts that would feature orchestral renditions of iconic music from the classic games. In the US the series began in LA (where we interviewed composer Koji Kondo), and most recently there’s a sold out show January 10 in Dallas. While the official site doesn’t list any other dates, if Ticketmaster is to be believed, at least five more concerts are happening in North America this year.

Above: Here's what the outside of the LA concert looked like

First found by NEOGAF, Ticketmaster lists five new dates for Zelda concerts. Our Canadian friends in Vancouver have one scheduled for March 14, then Phoenix, Arizona apparently has two scheduled for April 20 and 21. Following that the Zelda fun heads south, as Atlanta, Georgia hosts the event May 12, and on July 14 Nintendo comes to Orlando, Florida. According to the site, tickets go on sale tomorrow, so hopefully Nintendo will formally announce these dates in the next 24 hours, and you can hold out hope the company will reveal more shows in [insert your town] as well.

Henry Gilbert

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