New handheld Spidey

Spider-Man is returning to handhelds in Spider-Man: Battle for New York, to be released later this year for the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance, publisher Activision announced earlier this week.

The game - which takes place in the newer Ultimate Spider-Man universe - will focus on the ongoing struggle between the superhero webslinger and the Green Goblin, with the former trying to protect New York and the latter trying to destroy it. In what's an interesting twist, you'll be able to play the game as either of the two superhumans.

Gameplay is mainly action-based, but there are some RPG elements in there as well, enabling players to improve Spidey and the Goblin's skill sets. While the DS version appears to feature 2D gameplay (with 3D graphics), it will still be the superior iteration thanks to several minigames and the chance to play them against pals using the DS's wireless connectivity.

We've also snagged a few screens of the wall-crawler and the Goblin in action, so hit the Images tab above to check 'em out.

July 21, 2006