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New PS5 game Godfall images showcase playable heroes in all their next-gen glory

(Image credit: Counterplay Games)

A fresh batch of wallpapers have arrived for upcoming PS5 game (opens in new tab) Godfall (opens in new tab), and they give us a unique look at the action RPG's trio of playable characters. 

Available to view and download on developer Counterplay Games' website (opens in new tab), the wallpapers are rendered in a dazzling 3840x2160p 4K resolution, each providing an up-close and personal look at Godfall's neo-medieval warriors. 

We've seen plenty from the game's main mascot character – the fella with the lion mask – but this is our best look yet at both the Valkyrie knight and white armoured warrior, whose more slender physiques suggest a nimbler in-game combat style. 

All three of these character types, which are fully customisable depending on your playstyle in the game, previously appeared in the Godfall reveal trailer (opens in new tab), but these up close and personal set of stills represent just one more glimpse into the kind of forensic detail we can expect from the next generation of games.

Godfall has also been announced as a PC title, available via Epic Games Store when it releases later this year, but no word yet on whether Counterplay's "looter-slasher" will be making its way to the Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), when Microsoft's own next-gen hardware also launches in the Holiday period. 

In other next-gen news, another third-party title - Outriders (opens in new tab) - has also confirmed it'll be hitting PS5 (opens in new tab) and Xbox Series X in 2020, while Ubisoft has confirmed that PS5 backwards compatibility (opens in new tab) will run "almost all" PS4 games. For all the latest stories around the future of PlayStation and Xbox, stay tuned to GamesRadar+. 

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