New Game Of Thrones trailers tease season 5 footage

Winter is coming! The trailer for Game Of Thrones’ double-episode IMAX stint has been unleashed on the web, along with a teaser for HBO's Game Of Thrones: A Day In The Life behind-the-scenes special. If you squint just right you should be able to spot a few shots from the upcoming season in both clips.

Before its fifth season debuts, HBO has prepared a special treat for fans of the medieval fantasy. The final two episodes of season four - 'The Watchers On The Wall' and 'The Children' - have been reworked into the IMAX format and will debut at 200 screens across North America from January 29th to February 5th. The accompanying teaser for that limited engagement also offers a glimpse at the forthcoming stream of episodes.

Without a doubt the main intention of the preview is to showcase the hit show in a stunning large-screen format. Culling most of its footage from the two selected episodes, the new shots arrive at the end of the clip. In one, a ruffled-up Tyrion is thrown from a crate, suggesting his future outside of King’s Landing will be far from what he’s used to. I expect he will commence drinking as soon as possible.

Turning to the second preview - for the HBO special - and we’re given a meatier chunk of previously-unseen footage. The bulk of the shots reveal more about season 5 via behind-the-scenes material that will likely be explored at length in the half-hour documentary.

Game Of Thrones: A Day In The Life airs on HBO at 7.30pm on February 8th, 2015. The series itself will return to HBO for its fifth season on April 12th, 2015.

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