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New enemies and villains rise in Destiny 2: Beyond Light story trailer

The latest trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light focuses on the rise of Eramis, the new Fallen antagonist leading a Stasis-infused army in the upcoming expansion. 

We've heard a lot about Eramis up until now, but this is our first proper meet-and-greet with the new Kell. With the power of Stasis literally in the palm of her hand, she seizes control of the scattered Fallen race, seemingly joined by a gang of baddies reminiscent of the Barons from the Forsaken expansion. These Fallen may end up being mini-bosses of sorts, and thanks to the  power of Stasis, there's a host of new Fallen enemies mixed in with the usual Dregs and Vandals. Speaking of new enemies: there's a big, shielded Vex stomping around that I recognize from a previous trailer.  

In a bid to counter Eramis' ascension, our old pal Variks enlists the help of the Light, which is where we come in. And by we, I mean our Guardian (who actually says something in this trailer!), the Exo Stranger, Eris, the Drifter, and basically anyone else who will listen. 

"Darkness walks among us,"  Variks says. "We are all in grave danger. My kind must survive. Please, send help." 

Naturally, we head to Europa immediately, and then it's off to the races. The stakes are clear: rather than the Darkness alone, we'll have a Fallen uprising to contend when Beyond Light launches on November 10. The real question is, will Eramis be a story boss, a strike boss, or a raid boss in her final encounter? Taking all bets. I've got 20,000 glimmer on her being strike boss. 

Beyond Light's new subclasses were designed to "get back to the feeling of Destiny 1," says director Luke Smith.

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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