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New Deadpool image has the merc reading some Judy Blume

Ryan Reynolds has teased another on-set image from Deadpool, emphasising the age gap between himself and his young co-star Brianna Hildebrand by posing with a book by teen author, Judy Blume. “Trying to connect” reads the accompanying caption.

Hildebrand plays Deadpool associate Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the adaptation, and while this image is unlikely to have been lifted directly from the actual film, it does a nice job of selling the mismatched dynamic between the two characters. It’s also a pretty funny image…

Reynolds has been working overtime to convey the film’s sense of humour in these social media updates, and while actual footage has been scarce, we already feel like we have a pretty good idea of the tone they’re going for on this one. Directed by Tim Miller and co-starring Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano and Ed Skrein, Deadpool will open in the UK on February 5 2016 and the US a week later.

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