New Cooking Mama video reveals gameplay, Mama's true agenda

As gamers in this modern era of peripherals and motion-sensitive controls, we thoroughly enjoy playing games that simulate real-life endeavors. And while we realize that playing Guitar Hero won't make us guitarists, and playing Phoenix Wright won't make us lawyers, could playing Cooking Mama: Cook Off make us chefs? Mama hopes so, and our new trailer shows just how she plans to do it.

Cracking eggs, whisking batter, and kneading dough are some of the more quotidian tasks Mama will lay before you, but expect to see some more exotic fare on your cutting board as well. Wondering what that might be? Hit the Movies tab above and select "Cooking Mama: Cook Off - Trailer 01-25-07" to see what's on the menu. Not Safe For Vegetarians.

January 25, 2007