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New clip from Marvel's Item 47: watch now

Item 47 , Marvel's latest "one-shot" short film, has released a new clip online in which Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford discuss how best to use their recent discovery: a piece of Chitauri weaponry left over from the alien race's scrap with the Avengers.

The film is set amid the aftermath of The Avengers , with the two stars playing a young couple who stumble across the rogue item before realising exactly what it can do. Deciding this is an opportunity to change their lives for the better, they steal the weapon and use it to launch an impromptu spate of bank robberies.

However, their new toy has not gone unnoticed by SHIELD, who waste little time in dispatching a pair of agents (played by Titus Welliver and Maximilliano Hernandez) to recover the Chitauri technology.

Check out the latest clip from the film, below…

She doesn't seem keen on taking no for an answer, does she? And after all, it would be a shame to waste that fetching pink balaclava! Although whether or not the duo are quite aware of what they're getting themselves into remains to be seen…

Item 47 will appear as a special feature on the Avengers DVD / Blu-ray when it arrives in shops on 17 September 2012. Let it never be said that Marvel don't give you value for money...

George Wales
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