Clan features shown in Call of Duty Ghosts trailer

Activision has released a new Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer focusing on the game’s clan features, which the publisher bills as an integral part of the game’s multiplayer experience. You can join and manage your clan in-game or using an upcoming Call of Duty app. The headline feature is Clan Wars, in which opposing clans face off against each other in the bid to take control of and hold key locations on a map, which wins them exclusive items and XP bonuses.

Players can be members of the same clan across all platforms, earning unlocks for their friends regardless of which system they are playing on, although actual cross-platform play isn’t supported. Gamers can create or reserve clan names on a first-come, first-served basis between now and October 25, while the Call of Duty app will be downloadable from November 5, the same day the game hits store shelves worldwide. For more on clans, check out this giant FAQ.

Earlier this month, Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin revealed that PC, current and next-gen versions of Call of Duty Ghosts will all benefit from dedicated servers. Activision also released a Ghosts trailer showing off the series’ new Squads mode, which combines solo play, competitive multiplayer and cooperative play across various game types.