New Battlefield 3 trailer shows Physical Warfare Pack gameplay

Now there are trailers for pre-order add-on packs for games that aren't out yet. Dice released a new Physical Warfare Pack gameplay trailer that features the items you'll receive at launch if you pre-order Battlefield 3 through GameStop or EA's digital storefront, Origin. Keep in mind that depending on where you pre-order, you'll be awarded different bonuses. Also keep in mind that there may come a time when the number of promotions for add-ons and small game features spirals out of control and destroys us all — but the trailer is pretty cool, enjoy.

The pack includes two weapons, the semiautomatic DAO-12 shotgun and the Type 88 light machine gun. The shotgun boasts a high capacity and the light machine gun has a high rate of fire, recoil reduction, and high ammo capacity as well. Furthermore, the LMG will help you to “own your area,” if you're into that kind of thing.

There's also a flash suppressor that is compatible with the SKS sniper rifle and flechette ammo, armor-piercing Hungarian custom dart rounds for the DAO shotgun. All of this is, of course, leading up to Battlefield 3's launch due October 25.

Sept 2, 2011