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  • PC | Submitted by Zleyer

    Level 15

    You need Hords of the Underdark, when you start a game on HTU, you will get 15 levels. You make your person and than you ''save profile''.

    Now, when you start a new game in or the original Neverwinter nights, you can select him/her.

    You can also go to the arsenal afther making your person in Hords of the Underdark, you'll keep most items, but not things like ''Rough stone'' and other things only found in HOTU. But if you save the profile afther that, you can sell it and get filthy rich!

Neverwinter Nights Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by bryan

    Grow Levels Faster

    Pick or make a character and then do the prelude. Complete the prelude and you should gain 2 levels. after you complete the prelude save your character not the game. if you want to do it over go to the main menu and start a new game select a pre-made character and do it over again.

  • PC | Submitted by Sephiroth

    Infinite money

    On the first level you can buy your class suit for no money then you can sell it back for 1 gold, so buy it and buy it until your backpack is full then sell all of them and repeat until you have as much money as you want

  • PC | Submitted by Dev

    Level 10!

    This is pretty simple, all you have to do, is go to the Contest of Champions (under the Other Modules) with a new character, talk to a rules enforcer and he'll say you cant join till you are level 10. he'll give you all the experience, so you can level up. then, go through the portal, and you'll get loads of gp. you can then talk to the Shopkeepers on the far end who have practically every item in the game. Then, this is the most important bit, press save, then, SAVE YOUR CHARACTER. it should say character exported successfully, quit the game, then go to never winter nights campaign, select a pre-made character, and look for the one that you made, make sure it has a (1) beside the name. and, voila!! you have level 10!

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    You may need to go to the file nwn.ini in the game folder and add the line
    Debug Mode=1 to the section under "Game Options". This can be done with Notepad or a similar text editor
    Now while playing press ~ to get the console and type DebugMode 1 (case sensitive
    Now press ~ again and press the TAB key to get a list of debug commands. Press TAB again to scroll the commands. Now enter a code below. Some will simply say "success" after entering, others will say "Entered Target Mode" in which you must click on a character you want to apply the cheat to. Change the # sign to a corresponding number of your choice
    dm_god Invincibility
    GetLevel # Add
    dm_givegold # Give Gold Amount #
    SetCON # Make Constitution to #
    SetWIS # Make Wisdom to #
    SetINT # Make Intelligence to #
    SetSTR # Make Strength to #
    SetCHA # Make Charisma to #
    dm_levelup Level Up Character
    dm_givegold # Get gold #
    dm_god Invincibility
    dm_heal Heal Hit Points
    dm_givelevel # Get character level #
    dm_mylittlepony Get hobby horse
    dm_cowsfromhell flying cows that kill
    GiveXP # Get experience points #
    GetLevel # Go up # levels
    ModSaveFort Set chars fortitude
    ModSaveReflex Set chars reflex
    ModSaveWill Set chars will
    ModSpellResistance # Set chars spell resist
    SetAge # Make age #
    SetAttackBase # Set base attack #
    SetAppearance Make race (human, elf, etc)
    ModAge # Script function
    ModAttackBase # Script function
    ModSave Script function
    ModDEX # Script function
    ModCON # Script function
    ModINT # Script function
    ModWIS # Script function
    ModCHA # Script function
    SetSave Script function
    SetSpellResistance # Script function
    GiveLevel # Script function
    runscript Script function
    GetVarInt Script function
    GetVarFloat Script function
    GetVarString Script function
    GetVarObject Script function
    GetVarVector Script function
    SetVarInt Script function
    SetVarFloat Script function
    SetVarString Script function
    SetVarObject Script function
    SetVarVector Script function
    GetVarModInt Script function
    GetVarModFloat Script function
    GetVarModString Script function
    GetVarModObject Script function
    GetVarModVector Script function
    SetVarModInt Script function
    SetVarModFloat Script function
    SetVarModString Script function
    SetVarModObject Script function
    SetVarModVector Script function
    Invalid Character Message
    When you use these cheats, and you try to change chapters (e.g. from the Prelude out the stables into Chapter 1) the game tells you that your character is invalid and the login is refused. To avoid this problem, find your nwnplayer.ini file in the base NWN directory. Then find the line saying "Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=1". Change that 1 to a 0, and your troubles are over.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Toolset cheat

    Go into the toolset, create a area. Then create a weapon or armor with an load of enchantments and bonuses, doesn't really matter what. Save it, enter the game, and play the mod. Pick up what you created and save character.
    Then start a new game with the character you saved, and since you wont be able to use your creation for the next 40 lvls or so you might as well sell it and get filthy rich!

  • PC | Submitted by Liz

    Lady Aribeth's Charity

    message: When you first meet Lady Aribeth at the Hall of Justice, she will give you 100 gp. Talk to her again, and first say you want to ask her questions, then ask her how to use the Stone of Recall. She'll tell you, then give you 100 gp. Do this over, and over again, and you'll be makin' money really quickly.

  • PC | Submitted by Evolution Del

    Use Any Model In The Game

    This is a very help trick if you dislike the small amount of model possibilities that Nwn gives you.To use any model in the game as your main character in every game,simply while in your game,activate the DebugMode 1 and then type in the following line in the console,SetAppearance #,where the # is a number from 1 to 290,when you change into a model that you like,simple save your character and then exit your game,then when you load the character with the model you chose into another game,you will find that you have the model that you chose in your game!

  • PC | Submitted by spikedude


    On the first level after you meet "Aribith" she will give you the "Stone of Recall". Ok now go to the door in front of you. A man will ask you to be his partner for 250 gold pay him because he is very handy OK once you have done this. You will face some pretty hard enemies. But this is where the code comes in handy. Sooner or later your henchmen will dye. If he dyes during a battle don't worry about it. Kill the enemies off and use the "Stone of Recall" it will send you where lady aribith is your henchmen will be waiting for you when you use the stone of recall.