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Neverwinter Nights Guide and FAQ, written, and edited by Lyte It Up 420 Feel free to contact me for anything at Steveuo_die@yahoo.com Website-www.geocities.com/steveuo_die The newest version of this FAQ will always be available at www.gamefaqs.com www.neoseeker.com www.cheatportal.com www.cheathappens.com www.cheatplanet.com __________________________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS: I-Version History II-Copyright III-Intro IV-Survey V-Email system VI-F.A.Q. VII-The Basics a.notes/tips b.controls c.character creation VIII-Gameplay IX-Walkthrough a.prelude b.chapter 1 c.chapter 2 d.chapter 3 e.chapter 4 __________________________________________________________________________________ I-VERSION HISTORY. CURRENT VERSION: 4.4 __________________________________________________________________________________ Monday, July 01, 2002 Version 4.4 ---------------------------------- FAQ update, walkthrough and quests of chapter 1 and 2 now completly done. Sunday, June 30, 2002 Version 4.3 ---------------------------------- Survey updates, minor walkthrough updates. Major update for the rolgan's trial quest. Saturday, June 29, 2002 Version 4.2 ------------------------------------ Some major quest updates, walkthrough updates, and changes fixed with the final battle. Friday, June 28, 2002 Version 4.0 ---------------------------------- Chapter 4 completed, some minor quest updates. Friday, June 28, 2002 Version 3.0 ----------------------------------- Chapter 3 walkthrough done. Some more Minor text format changes. Update to E-mail System. Thursday, June 27, 2002 Verion 2.1 ----------------------------------- Minor text format updates. Quest updates in chapters 1 and 2. added E-mail system(pls read b4 sending e-mail) Tuesday, June 25, 2002 Version 2.0 ------------------------------------------------ Chapter 2 walkthrough done. Sunday, June 23, 2002 Version 1.0: ---------------------------------------------- Major update, please read the intro before starting on the walkthrough. Chapter 1 pretty much done. Saturday, June 22, 2002 Version 0.3: ------------------------------------------------ The basics and Gamplay are pretty much done. Started on the walkthrough, been up all night working on it will have another update tomorrow. Friday, June 21, 2002 Version 0.1 : --------------------------------------------- This is the first version of the guide, which is not even considered a version. -Set up the content menu a bit -Set up copyright info -Completed intro to the guide -Posted first survey question -Started some other aspects of guide, nothing much really done though. __________________________________________________________________________________ II-COPYRIGHT. This FAQ is Copyrighted by the International Copyright Law. No webmaster may duplicate this work and use it as thier own. If you wish to use this FAQ you must recieve consent from me and give full credit where credit is due. Any un-authorized duplication in ANY way will result in immidiate action. You may make copys for your personal use. It is illegal to modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, rent, stake credit for the work, include in a promotional CD, publish in a magazine, or sell for profit under any curcumstances without coming to an agreement with me. Copyright (c) 2002 a "Lyte It Up" Production, by Steve Eik, all rights reserved. __________________________________________________________________________________ III-INTRO This is my first attempt at a guide, not just on Gamefaqs but anywhere. Not many people know who I am, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if nobody did. The truth is as I did come to GameFaqs very regularly, I really never posted anything on the msg boards or made myself known. I'm sure there are alot of others of people like that out there and hope noone holds it against me that it took me so long to get involved and contribute to the community. My experience with games is great, mainly RPGS, and have played and beaten just about every RPG, action, and platform game for just about every system. So if my credentials meet your standards, go on with my guide, if not then no harm done. Please remember that I am writing this guide as I play the game, and even though I will try and find everything I may miss something. If you notice I miss something then please feel free to send it in, you will definatly be given credit for your help. You may also send in suggestions, praises and even hate mail. Hey, I enjoy a good laugh as in my experience 99% of hate mail is little uneducated children who feel they are having thier beliefs challenged because "the world revolves around them only!" If you think something is wrong with the site or would like to see something changed, thats suggestions not hate mail, and please label your mails depending on what is inside the mail, will help me organize the mail when I eventually put up a mail system. *******IMPORTANT********* since most of the chests in this game give random items I cannot give lists of items, furthormore I like it that way because this is a linear game and since it is that, you should really try and do most of this on your own. I will point out important items that you will need just incase you would miss them but normal loot from chests, boxes, tables and the like will not be listed. __________________________________________________________________________________ IV-SURVEY This is a section not really related to the FAQ but just a fun way to have your opinion heard. Although this is an anonymous survey you can wish to have your opinion heard as long as it is adult and non-vulger. The best opinion/answer will be placed here with or without your name(depending on your wish)every time I update the results. The results of each survey will be updated in each version, and a new survey question will be introduced every month or so. Please remember that you do not have to enter an opinion for the "contest." You can just leave your answer to the Survey and your answer will be added to count. Please also know that winning this "contest" does not make you eligable for any prize(s). I am a poor man and this is all for fun to see who can come up with creative responces and answers. You can only vote ONE time, and if you vote more then once for a question ALL of your votes will not be counted for that question, so MAKE SURE you have the answer you want to put. Mailing Survey answers...very simple, just put Survey Question #x (x should be the survey question) in the topic, then type the letter (a,b,c,d, etc) in the body of the e-mail, and if you want to add a comment or complaint or anything at all just type it right after the letter of your answer. Thats it! Remember the comment is TOTALLY OPTIONAL as is the entire survey. Survey Question #1 Is Neverwinter Nights all that you Expected? a)No, its more! The reviews didn't do this game justice! I cannot stop playing it!!!!!(0 votes) b)Yes! What an amazing game, it takes up all of my gaming time!(2 votes) c)Yeah its good, but not worth obessing over...(4 votes) d)Its alright, but I've played better.(0 votes) e)I didn't like it.(0 votes) f)I hated it! It was too overrated!(0 votes) g)RPGs do not interest me.(0 votes) ___________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ V.E-MAIL SYSTEM I was hoping I wouldn't have to add one of these this soon but I guess i have to. When answering a question please make sure to give all information needed so I know what you are talking about! Don't just ask how to defeat a random monster without telling me what chapter it is in, where you found the monster, etc because I havent put up a beastiary yet. When submitting information on a quest people be detailed please! I cannot stress this enough. I got a quest submitted saying "you get a quest from a whore to bring a brooch to some guy to do something else" he apoligized but still this doesn't help me at all. Just follow these two simple rules and it'll help me alot thanks.(i may have to add more rules if i get more dumb e-mails in the future but luckily I haven't yet) If you are asking a question about a quest, please make sure to look in the QUESTS section under each chapter. I don't add everyone to talk to in the actual walkthrough, and all optional quests will be listed under the actual chapter walkthrough under the name of the quest, there is no number order, because there is no way to determine a number for a quest, so please look in the quests section before asking a question about a quest. Don't feel bad if you don't receive a comment back, or if your name wasn't given credit to something that you sent in. I give credit to the person who sends first, sorry to say, and I've recieved many many e-mails about one particular thing I've missed. I thank you all for your time to try and help but would be too time consuming to give credit to everyone who sends in the info for the one event. __________________________________________________________________________________ VI-F.A.Q.(Frequlently Asked Questions) Asking a question...Please don't ask stupid questions or questions already answered in this section or in the guide. Please do not ask questions asking if any rumors are true, as 99% of the time rumors are TOTAL BS. Please put Question in your subject. You probably won't recieve a reply to these questions unless its a totally unique question no one has asked and proved quite puzzling. Please also remember that I am writing this walkthrough as I go through the game and it may take awhile to answer your question. Remember that I am only one man and I need time to find the answers to your questions. Please only submit a question ONCE. Thank you. Q. How do I get in Luskan? A. I wasn't going to originally answer this question because it is explained in the walkthrough, is explained totally in the game, and I wanted you guys to figure things out for yourselves. But sadly because of all the questions regarding this subject I will give you the full answer. If you bothered to read the journal of the man in the caves it said that they are sending people to NEVERWINTER WOODS and CHARDOCK. Now they want more then just one proof that they are located in Luskan so hmmm, go to both NEVERWINTER WOODS and CHARDOCK to get the evidence needed. Killing Vardoc is not needed to get there, and I don't think Solomon is either(though theres no way to avoid killing her). All you have to do is get the Journal from the people in The caves to the north, Neverwinter woods, and Chardock, and they will open Luskan to you. _______________________________________________________________________________ VII-THE BASICS. A. NOTES/TIPS Just a few things to keep in mind. -Make sure to update frequantly. There will be regular bug fixes no doubt about it, so make sure you always have the newest version of the game. -Change your settings, you can change controls, display, anything at all. -REST OFTEN, I cannot stress this enough. By resting you get skills back that you already used, and also complete restoration of HP. You can do this anywhere as long as your not near an enemy(s) -Save often! You'll hate yourself if you run into a trap or die unexpectadly and your last save was hours ago. Rest and save are the most important things you can do! -Use your map often, even if you have it at smallest, you have the important locations on there, and can also add your own -Talk to your merc's, set up thier tactics the way you want them to be. Although you cannot buy items or equipment for your merc's, they do automatically level when you do, and upgrade weapons and armor automatically free of charge! -Read books, alot of time they will have tips or hints or a special use, notes especially, mostly books will teach you more about the history of this world, and might help you later on in your journey. -Persuasion is one of the most useful skills in the game. It allows you to access quests you wouldn't be able to, ,enter places you wouldn't be allowed to without paying, and make people give extra rewards for quests. -Set hotkeys! This is most important for spellcasters and especially important in multiplayer games. For item's you can drag them onto the hotkey, and for anything and everything(and i mean everything) else just right click on the hotkey slot. Right click to remove a hotkey as well. Hold shift or ctrl for another bar of hotkey possibilities! -When you level up you can check and see the amount of HP you will gain, and if you want more cancel and go through it again, until you find the max amount of hp gained for the level.(Thanks to Hauie!) -For more tips when you are loading read the tips that they give you, sometimes they are obvious tips, but sometimes they can really help B. CONTROLS. The controls in this game are really unique, and you can easily look and see what the controls are, or change them, so I'll just list some of the major hotkeys. The arrows move the camera around, and zoom in and out, and * on numberpad changes the views of camera. I-Inventory M-Map V-Quick chat Player list-P J-Journal Options-O B-Spells Previous Inventory Tab [ R-Rest Next Inventory Tab ] These are the defaults, and you can easily change or look for the complete list of moves in the options menu. C-CHARACTER CREATION The staff at Neverwinter make making a character incredibly easy. First off you have to pick weather you want to make a character of your own or choose from one of thier pre-made ones. I made one for myself. Next you choose your gender, easy choice. Now you choose your race. Each race(with the acception of humans) have bonuses and decreases in major stats. They also have special skills just for picking that class. Also they even show the favored class for that race! And for those of you who have no idea what your doing they have a recommended button which picks out the easiest race/class/stats/etc. -Dwarf-bonus to magic resistance but cannot read scrolls or use magic wands(thanks to ThebirD) Next is the classes. Again you see thier advantages and disadvantages and a basic description of each class. -Barbarian -Bard -Cleric -Druid -Fighter -Monk -Paladin -Ranger -Rogue -Sorcerer -WIzard Again if you are totally new to these type of games, press the recommended and they will choose the easiest one. Next up is alignment. Again simple to choose, depending on what you want to roleplay in the game, recommended moves to the highest, since it is usually easy to be good rather then evil. I chose truely nueutral. Next you get to set your stats. Click on each stat for a detailed discription for what they do and which class needs what. From that you can either manually put points into stats you want, press the recommended button and have them automatically put points into skills determaned on your class, or have them automatically put skills in, then take off points off of the skills you don't want/need, and put them on skills you need for that class. Next you get to pick your package...basically the subclass of the class. Each class has different ones, and again it is easy to choose, just read the advantages of it or press recommended. Customize is just that, picking body's and heads and other physicall appearances. Now just pick your name and voice and your ready to start the game!! __________________________________________________________________________________ VII-Gameplay Gameplay is really easy if your familiar with the D&D system. Skills are reffered too as checks. Each check has a certain amount of times that you can use it. Once you use it that amount of time you must rest before you can use it again. The same goes for spells. Battle is dice related, and skills that you have help your rolls(either add or decrease) same goes for armor and weapons. Spells also use the same rolling of the die. Pause is an awsome tool, because battle is in real time, and while the game is paused you can use items or choose a magic spell to use, setting up a whole chain of spells or attacks so you can stragegize your moves. Pause is usually unusable in multiplayer games though.(thanks to Dejime for confermation!) Movement is easy, just click where you want to run to and you run there, getting used to that and moving the camera around with the arrows will determine how good you are at this game. Left clicking on people will bring up dialog, left click dragging items is how you loot things as well as equip them or move them from different bags. Right clicking an item will bring up a small menu, with things like drop, equip, look, etc. The gameplay of this game is very nice and easy to learn and get used to. If anyone has any other comments for this section send me in an email. __________________________________________________________________________________ IX-Walkthrough A. PRELUDE Training Facility ----------------------- You start off the game in a basic "learning" stage. Watch the intro and you start in the barracks. Turn around and get the club out of the desk behind you and go talk to Pavel. You can talk to him if you want, learning more about the story, and he tells you to see his brother across the hall. When you talk to Pavel's brother he will tutor you in basic things, like click this and this will happen. You really don't need this tutorial unless you really don't know what you are doing. After talking with Bim go through and talk to the man there. He will give you some items depending on your class and teach you about how to use items and stores, he will also sell you some gear. You should at least have enough for a nice weapon or armor, thats basically the only thing you really need to spend money on right now. In the next room talk to the woman there if you need help with using your map and journal. Still pretty simple stuff that you could figure out yourself but if you need it then go ahead. Remember to keep picking up items along the way. The next room is the weapon training hall. Here you learn how to use different attacks, you can get heavy x-bow, sling and long bow with loads of ammo for all. You can also go visit the rare monsters if you want, but there is nothing else to do here. Heading down the hall will take you to another training center. I believe its mage. in here you can get melf's acid arrow, and magic missle scrolls, and if you are a mage I believe learn how to use your skill. You can also find the waterdeep and tomb of troubles in here. Now you head down and you pass a locked door, don't worry about that just yet and go in either the rogue training center or the other magic training center. If you are combat then there is no need to go in either of these, so talk to the guard. If you haven't gotten a training quest yet then you chose a magic side or rogue side and you will get your quest in one of these rooms, both very easy quests that just show you your skills. After you finish go talk to the guard. He will allow you to enter the graduation room. Here you can get two piles of gold on the tables behind the women. Talk to her and she will tell you that you graduated, listen to her story and all of a sudden you get attacked! These guys are pretty tuff but luckily you have 3 or 4 people in that room thatll help take care of them. Now offer your help and she will give you the key to the locked door. Be prepared because now you will encounter battles. Nothing you can't handle but just make sure to rest if your life gets too low. Unlock the door and fight your way through the tunnels, picking up items along the way. Fight through to the next room till you meet up with the man from the first room. He will tell you how his brother died and that he will join you for free instead of money that you'd have to pay for hireling. It doesn't matter if you say yes or not because he will leave once you exit the academy. Contine through untill you get into a room with a man standing in the center. Here he will explain leveling up, and give you enough experience to level up! (note:a quest is now done) Use your points wisely and head to the next room. Continue onward picking up loot and fighting off the monsters. There is no real boss to this level and eventually you will get to the stables, where two warriors are fighting off monsters. Help them out if you want, but you probably won't be doing much damage compaired to them. When the monsters are defeated talk to the two and learn more about the story. Make sure you tell them that you will indeed help, and you will level up again! (quest completed) Now they will leave, you can level up and leave because theres nothing else for you here. Congratulations you are now done with the prelude! Quests: 1)Academy Training. This is automatically in your journal when you first start the game. You get it after you finish your training quest, wheather it be combat, magic, thievery, or wizardry, then talk to the man who shows you how to level up. 2)Combat Training-You get it when you first enter combat, simple enough right? You finish this quest in the stables when you tell them that you will help them and level up for the second time. Just a word for the wise now, if you had any trouble at all with this first level of the game you should seriously consider turning off your computer, because it is about to get insanly harder. With that said lets move onto... B. CHAPTER I City Core ---------------- You start off in the sancturium, theres nothing much to do here but talk to the people you just met in the previous section. You can pursuade the nurses to tell you some information about Desther and his helmilles, that they showed up soon after the plague hit. Head north to the hall of justice and meet Aribeth. Learn some more about the plague and recieve the stone of recall. Before leaving go to the door directly across from where you came in, on the right. Its the only other door that isn't locked. In here talk to olef and get a quest(you might need to use persuasion to get the quest) Collect items and go back out and you can choose to hire a thief(you may want to wait till you get all the other choices) As soon as you exit Bethony comes running up, if you help her then you get another quest, more on this in the quest section. In moonstone mas(you can see sign on map) Gills can give you an alternitive to the Olef quest, if you want to be an evil allignment. I kept Olef's quest so I don't know anything about it. Also in moonstone mas, ophala the owner will give you a quest if you can persuade her to, again look at the quest section.(you do not need to pursuade her to actually get the quest, you can aquire it later on) In shining knights arms and armor, if you talk to the shopkeep about rare items he will give you a key to the back room wherea dwarf will make rare and magic items if you bring him combinations of jewels and magic items. He also gives you a book that lists all the possible combinations. In trade of blades you can now hire basically any class you want. Personally I chose the bard, because she has every skill, especially the helpful attack and defence bonus songs, as well as pick locks and melee. You get two quests as you hire a mercenary, one just tells you the basic rules and what happens when your merc dies(you can never complete this), another is the story of your merc, each merc has a different background story and will eventually tell you the whole thing leading to a quest.(you need to be lvl 5+ before they will tell you the whole story and the quest goals become clear)When you picked your merc you can buy a ticket for the gauntlet, a fighting pit type thing for 50 gold, the gauntlet is located in black lake.(more info in quest secion) You can now go around exploring the town, picking up odds and ends, please keep in mind you have many choices ahead of you right now, you can head to blacklake, you need to collect all four components for the cure, as well as the four tombs if you accepted either the good or bad artifacts quest. I suggest the Peninsula District first because it has the book that tells you the locations for the temples(look at artifacts quest) even though in my opinion it had the hardest boss. Remember you can do the districts in any order and complete the quests in any order but I will list them in the order of "easiest" to "hardest". Peninsula District ------------------------ There isn't much to do here, the guards tell you to report to the person in charge, which is on the other side of the district. You don't really need to do this as she just tells you the blatently obvious, and you can get the quest completed and pass on without visiting her. Your goal here is to get inside the prison and stop the revolt. There are two ways to do this, one you can go through the underground tunnnels directly into the prison, and another way is to go into the sewer system kill the gang of thugs and retreive the key to the front door. Each involve a quest which arent listed at the bottom because its basically just your access of getting in and no thought is involved. To be able to access the underground tunnels you need to talk to one of the two servants of the queen. They will tell you that a key is hidden under the mat and that they want you to check and make sure she's ok. The girl who tells you this is on the west side, and the man is somewhere near the middle north-eastern part. I suggest going to the girl on the west side because that is where the tomb that Olef/Gil gave you(see quest section below for more information) Once you get in the prison you can choose to release a guard that is in one of the cells, ,you don't gain any experience or quests but he tells you what is going on. Make your way to the second floor, collecting items if you want and a man will whisper for you to follow him. You may be hesitant but don't worry, he will tell you more about what is going on and describes the basic layout of the prison. Again just explore the level and head downstairs. This is the final floor of this dungeon and when you get to the end (alot of locked doors) you see the chief of the prison run downstairs leaving an orc to kill you. Mini-Boss: Orc This guy packs quite a punch. Just keep using healing potions if you need to and he will eventually give up. If you have alot of trouble you might want to consider wandering the peninsula and trying to level up. Once he gives up you can either kill him, get some more information and then kill him, or get some information and let him go. Choice is totally up to you. No matter what you choose you can now head downstairs and prepare yourself for a most annoying boss fight. Boss-Mind Eater Definatly the most annoying boss in the first chapter, once you go downstairs the head of the guard will attack you. He blabbers on as you fight, hits very hard and has a decent amount of life. After he falls a little bug thing will pop out and attack you. Do as much damage as you can before it runs to a nearby body and jumps in. You now have to go through the process of killing all these guards, fighting the bug inbetween, and each time he comes out of a body his life is completly restored! There are maybe 4 or 5 bodys for him to take, and when he runs out of places to run he will finally fight you. He hits just as hard as the guard captain, and has a little bit more life. After you kill him take the 1/4th cure and use your stone of recall to go back to the hall of hero's. You can give the 1/4th cure to her and you will get some gold and experience,you can also give the artifact to whoever you accepted the quest from. Strategy hint by Kev: You can also pursuade the guards down here to leave before fighting the brain eater, therefore giving him no place to run, you can do it with little persuade and it makes the fight alot easier. Begger's Nest ------------------- Next head to Begger's Nest, where they inform you that the dead are rising from thier grave. The entire district is packed with zombies and the like, so stay on your toes. Your ultimate goal here is to stop the zombie infestation. Again there are two ways to do this, one is shorter and the other longer. You can also do both ways if you want to fight more and get alot of experience. Head to the inn to gain more information and quests. Go meet with the two people the person in charge instructed you to, to gain the information and item needed for each of the two ways. Jemanie will also give a quest. Now you can either go in the secret clan's hideout(long way) or the factory (short way). They all lead to the same thing, and each have a mini boss along the way. You can go through the clan's hideout and instead of going out into the cemetary continue the other way to go through the factory part if you want to do both ways for experience, but you cannot go through the factory and do both, because you will encounter a barred door. Either way you go you will encounter a similar mini boss, either the leader of the gang of theives, or the leader of the mysterious clan. These guys can be annoying, and all depends on luck of the dice. They can disarm and knockdown so it can really be aggrivating. They also hit pretty hard and if I remember correctly the head of the cult can cast spells. Eventually you'll come to the Graveyard where you can enter a tomb to get the 2nd artifact(see quests) and then enter Warrens of the damned. If you look around enough before approching this boss you learn that you must break the alter across from him to weaken his golems power. There are alot of traps so be careful, you'll also find the body of Jemanie's brother, and eventually you'll meet up with... Boss-Gulnan This is the creature that gave the gang's boss the power to summon the dead. She is also what the mysterious clan is worshopping. Make sure you break the alter first(right click smash) or when she summons her minion he will kill you very easily. Without the alter giving her power she is pretty much an easy boss to fight, heal if you need to and loot another 1/4th of the cure. Now alot of your quests are done, you can go back to the inn to get a reward, and return the information to Jemanie and Krestal, and do any quests you want to finish in this sector then head back and give the 1/4th cure to her in the hall of champions. Dock District ------------------ This is where things get interesting. Instead of just entering and killing, you start getting more story. The gate guards inform you that this part of the city is run by muggers and thieves and pirates. I suggest you make sure you go around the entire place getting thier coins because you can trade them for magic items a little later. Make sure you go on the big boat and kill the pirates to get a uniform. Also note that the "locked house" has two entrences, back and front, both having different items to get. In the front entrance you'll find a key, which you can use to get into the pirates hideout. When your done exploring head for the tavern where the auction is supposed to be held where you can get drunk with a pirate, and buy some items from the auctioneer, also trade for the special coins. Now go into the back room and either persuade or pay off the guy guarding the door and you can also get the password from the guy in the sauna upstairs, don't worry about the key you have it from the locked house, or from the drinking contest with the pirate. Make your way through until you find a group of pirates tormenting some girl. Talk to her and learn more about the revolt, and where to go next. Make sure you take the instructions from the pirates so you can open the door. She also gives you an amulet(i'm not sure what this is used for). (ps you can take a quick detore to enter the mansion to the north of the aquaducts to aquire one of the stolen arts, see quests below) Now head to the aquaducts, kill the pirates and talk to the man by the boat, who'll take you upstream. You can also enter it by way of the Silver Sails trading company.(you must talk with the girl first)You can find a tomb here to the west(thanks to Porphyre) that will show up as an "exit" on your mini map. After a short walk you'll encounter the two opposing sides of this conflict. You don't really get a choice because the man on the other side will say that you are there to kill the man on your side, and you will be attacked. Boss-Callik w/ guards This is a tough fight for many reasons, first his guards are pretty tuff, second he is very very tuff, he can disarm, and does over 10 damage to me with 17 armor. After you defeat them, make sure to loot the amulet(for a quest) and head around to talk to the other man. He thanks you and then tells you to take the feathers. You can let him go or kill him and his guards, its up to you. At any rate you can now take another 1/4th of the cure back to the hall of champions. Finish up anything you want to finish up and then its time for the final district. Blacklake District ------------------------ This is the final and most challenging district. It is also the only one that you have to pass through a monster infested area to get to, but in retrospect, the only district that doesn't have enemys or body's all around. You start off in no man's land, you can talk to the person nearby to get a quest, and head through to a guard post. Now that your in town you see a loud girl in the town square(you can't miss her) once you talk to her you learn about the situation. This is not an optional quest, you have to do this to get the final part of the cure. Say that you will kill him and bring the key back, even if you don't want to kill him, and head up north to his estate. (note: the Hodge and Rumbottom estate are good places to make fast cash and experience, and also the places where you get the other two stolen art. Also in the southwestern house you can persuade the woman there to tell you about her bookcase, which leads to the last artifact.) (also note in the nobleman's residence you can persuade the woman inside then force her to pay you therefore losing -3 faction, a good way to lose faction if you want to be an evil alignment) You either can persuade the man at the gate to let you through, or you'll have to pay. There is another way to get in submitted by Lord Shitzu. Find a girl named Milly, and you can pursuade her to talk to you about the wizard she will give you a key to her house and open a portal to the bedroom of his home. Thanks Lord Shitzu! Once you get inside a dumb orc will ask you who you are, you again can persuade and he will open the door, or will have to fight/pay him. Do the usual thing, make sure you search around for items and watch out for traps,and also make sure to rescue a man in prison for some easy money. When you get to a big room with a cage in the corner save. When you move close to the cage the prisoner will scream that he is near and he will magically appear behind you. Boss: Mieldanen He's pretty tuff but luckily he doesn't hit that hard. His magic can kill though, in fact his ice storm spell thing will kill your hireling and possibly kill you. Again it comes down to luck of which spells he casts and how often and how fast you can get his life down. Eventually he will surrender, you yell at him for taking the Dryad and he begs for his life, bribing you 500 gold. Make sure you get the key and his tooth as well as the 500 gold, so you can get 500 gold for "killing" him. Now free the Dryad and either be nice or mean to her depending on your alignment and you will get the last part of the cure. Go back and report to her giveing her the tooth and the key and you will get your reward, do any quests you want to do and head back and give the hall of champions, but remember once you agree to go make the potion all your quests waiting to be completed disapear so make sure your ready! Quests are an easy way to make money and experience. Reliefe at last? -------------------- When your ready you are taken to a special room where you see them perfoming a cerimony to make the cure. Talk to the characters with names and the cerimony will start. Watch this disturbing but predictable event take place, and kill the enemys. Now you must go to Helmet's hold, through the open portal. Helmet's Hold ------------------- This place is pretty strait foward. There are three ways to enter, through the cave, through the front, and through the side. The cave is too the west as soon as you enter, and will lead to lower prisons, where you can talk to a prisoner and learn about whats going on. You can also buy/sell from a little boy in there. If you choose to enter this way just go north to see the spirit first. I found the way to get through the front door the 2nd time through(althrough i fought the actual monsters first then realized how to do it), There is a gem you find in the courtyard on a body, that will go on the alter. I got 50 exp for doing this after they were dead and according to Ketzer they all run away, at the time i got over 200 exp for each of them though.(keep in mind they are VERY HARD) The side entrence will lead you up strait near the only really quest you can get, you can either ressurect a deamon or banish and ressurect the good god. Read quests for detailed information. All three lead to the same place so you can enter either through the cave or through the side and do everything there is to do, although there isn't much in terms of loot in here. When your done with the quest and ready head upstairs...theres no turning back! The door now locks behind you and you have to fight the traitor! The bad news is there are about 10 other zombies in there, the good news is that he won't run and fight you with them. There are a bunch of zombies in a pentagram pattern with him in the center, with magic energy running through him, so take care of all the zombies before you start on him. Boss: The traitor! He is tough, and very scary. First thing you HAVE to do is kill every single zombie that surrounds him. If you don't then he will be immune to all your attacks. Once you do this you have to fight the hardest boss in Chapter 1(ironicly the last one!) he is a mixture of very hard hitting, and very powerful magic. Like the last boss his ice storm blocks can kill you and your servant, and he usually does 10-20 damage at any time. Luckily he doesn't disarm or knock down, but he does stay alive for along time. Eventually he will give up(at barley wounded, very confusing) and you can talk to him. Make sure you tell him that your going to look around first, because for the first time in here you can find some nice items, as well as books. When your ready to leave talk to him again, select take him back to neverwinter, and enjoy the sequences! Congrats you just completed Chapter 1!! Quests: Proof of a secret cult/Proof of a traitor ---------------------------------------------------- During your collection of the 4 cure components you will get attacked randomly twice. First time it will be the same mystery men that attacked you in the beginning of the game. The second time it will be hired assassins. Each time loot a note, read it, and take it back to the man you met in the barn to get experience and gold. Never's Tomb ------------------- You get this from either Olef in the Hall of Champions, or Gills in the Moonstone Mas. You have to collect all four artifacts from the founder of Neverwinter and brbing them back. The first one is found easily, in the penninsula district. Also here you get three key items, Serimonial Sword, Shield, and Arrow. These are the keys to opening the other tombs so make sure you take them! You also get the book with the locations of the other tombs. In the order that it is listed the next tomb is in the Graveyard in Begger's Nest. You pass this place while headnig through to get the cure component in this district and is hard to miss. Use the shield to get in. There is a mummy guarding it. The next is in the Docks, in the aquaducts. Enter through the Silver Sails Company and head to the west(it will be marked as an exit on your map) and use the sword artifact to enter.(thanks to Porphyre) The last one is in the house to the west as soon as you enter the BlackLake district. You'll need to persuade the woman in there to tell you about her bookcase, and the noises she hears from inside. She tells you that it moves when you say a certain word, and now you can go in and head for the next artifact. The entrence room is crawling with zombies and skelitons, use the final artifact(the arrow)and when your ready save it, because it might take you a few tries. The tomb is guarded by five swords of never. These guys are incredibly hard, and fighting them will probably not be an option. They do at least 20 damage each turn and your accuracy in hitting them will not be good.(i did recieve a report of someone being able to kill these guys, with hirelings taking the damage while they casted spells so it isn't completly impossible) What you have to do is run behind the tomb, leading them with you in a circle and you should be able to ruun fast enough that all of them follow you behind, but are too slow to keep up with you. You must quickly open the tomb and loot the items and quickly run back out. If you want to try and fight them you can give it a try, in fact many people have reported being able to do it, but it is very challenging. Just return the artifacts to your quest master to recieve gold and experience, you don't have to return all of them, each one you return you will get the same reward. I'm not sure of the reward for returning all three though. The Wailing and the wated haivians ------------------------------------------------- This is the quest you start with when you first start the chapter. You complete it after all 4 components of the cure are returned to the hall of champions. Art Thief ------------- This is the quest that you get by persuading Ophala. Although you don't have to persuade her to complete this quest and there is no bonus to experience or prize, being able to persuade her into telling you her problem will let you know where to look, but hey, thats why I'm here! Urn for Ophala-You get this quest when you find the urn in the Hodge estate in the Blacklake district. The Hodge estate is the harder of the two in this district, mainly because of all the traps. You can find alot of good items here and get some nice experience, and should also find the urn without any trouble. But you must be VERY careful about door traps. There are alot of doors in this mansion that will kill you automatically, and there are alternate routes you must take to get into the room behind that trapped door. Save often in here, and when you are finished leave this deathtrap behind. Portrait for Ophala-You get this quest when you find the portrait in the Rumbottom estate. This place is alot easier in once sense, but alot harder in another if you didn't take my advice and get a bard,(or have picklock skill) Instead of traps there are locks. Almost every door and every chest is locked, which can get very frustrating if you don't have access to picklocks, because smashing chests can be very time consuming. When you find Rumbottom make sure not to hurt him, threaten him to get his key and the Portrait and then you can leave when your ready. Statue for Ophala-Again you get this after finding the statue in the mansion in the docks district. This house has its hard parts because in some rooms there are a gang of guards(5+). Its a pretty simple layout though and when you find the owner he tells you to take everything, after some threatening. Remember that you cannot hurt any of these two people because she won't accept the items if you kill them. Don't ask me why but thats what she says when you persuade her. You get experience and gold for each, and bonus experience and gold and magic boots when you complete them all. Prison Break ----------------- Basically the one and only quest that is related only to the penninsula district. You can go talk to the head of the guard on the other side of the district, but you don't need to. Get inside the prison and make your way down to the bottom. Beat the bosses like stated above and its done, you automatically get your experience and gold once you loot the boss. Aldo and Hector ----------------------- An easy and simple quest in the Begger's nest. Either talk to Aldo(in the center of town guarding his wagon) or Hector(in Thomas Wagon Repair shop) to get this quest. Its easier and faster to just talk to Hector first, he will explain his situation and you can bring him to Aldo. If you run into Aldo first he will tell you to look for Hector, then you go get Hector in the shop and lead him to Aldo. Easy quest, not that big of a reward. Find Krestal Find Jemanie Undead Infestation ------------------ You get these quests after gathering info at the tavern from the man in charge. He tells you he will reward you greatly for getting rid of this problem and tells you that Krestal and Jemanie may know some things. Krestal lives nearby in the boarded up shack to the north. He will tell you about his gang and that the leader is held up in the warehouse. You recieve quest Sword Coast Boys from talking to him. Jemanie lives on the western side, in the boarded up house, talking to her will learn you more about a cult, you may need to pursuade to get the key to get into the secret hideout. You get the queusts A Missing Brother and A strange cult by talking to her. To complete Undead Infestation just return to the boss of the tavern after you kill the boss to recieve a reward. Sword Coast Boys -------------------------- Kill the leader of the Sword Coast gang and talk to Krestal after you cleanse the streets to complete this quest. A Missing Brother -------------------------- After finding Jemanie's brother in the Warrens of the Damned, return his ring to Jemanie to finish this quest. A Strange Cult --------------------- You complete this after defeating the boss of the district. You do not need to go through the secret entrence and defeat the cult's leader to finish this quest, but you can if you want extra experience/items. A Lost Soul ----------------- The man at the Helmit Shrine mentions that he is missing his brother. After you defeath the boss and the streets are clean look at the entrance of the cemetary and where the blockade used to be is now a body. Loot his diary and his wand and bring them back to him. You can keep the wand if you want(it might lower your alinment) but after you show him the diary and give it to him you get your reward. The prostitutes Brooch ------------------------ You get this quest from Tamora in the moonstone Mask, she will give you a brooch to give to a man named hoff in the dock's district. He is by the most northern dock, the man in the blue armor that won't talk to you if you do not have this quest.(Thanks to Giraldella for this info!) The Masterson Amulet -------------------------------- Talk to Masterson in the dock's district to learn his situation. Don't worry about trying to find it, you will eventually find the man who has his amulet and return it to him to get a reward, or keep it for yourself, up to you. Trouble In the District ------------------------------ The only other quest directly related to the Dock's district and the basic goal for what you need to do. Get the key in the locked house, learn about the uprising between the thieves, and go to the aquaducts to kill callik. Completed automatically when you get the feather. Trouble in No Man's Land ------------------------------------ This is a very small quest. The man gives this to you as you enter the no man's land and tells you about a half-orc terrorizing the area. When you get to his shack(you cannot miss it) you have to fight this very tough boss. Boss:half-orc ------- He is very tough, especially if you come here early in the game. There is a good chance your hireling will die. Heres a tip, make sure you kill the dog first, and since you fight him right inside of a building, you can easily enter, hit hit exit, rest save and repeat. It took me along time to do it but it works. Return the orc's head to the man to get your reward. Unrest --------- This is the main quest for this district, you get it after talking to the girl yelling in the town center. After bringing back the man's key and or tooth you finish this quest. Tension Rising --------------------- You get this after you learn that Mieldanen has one of the four animals needed. You get this after you get a lock of the Dryad's hair, either by killing her or being nice. Samuel's Rescue ----------------------- Easy money, just release the prisoner Samuel in Mieldanen's keep, then go to the bar in this area and talk to his captain to recieve a reward. The Gauntlet Arena -------------------------- If you bought a pass for the guantlet you can now enter it by trading it in to the barkeep in the same bar where you got your reward for rescueing Samuel. You must win four battles to do this quest, and although it is pretty hard compaired to the reward, it is a fun way to test your skills in battle, as well as make a little extra money if you do it early on in the game.(a lil as in 50 gold an in game week, nothing to start your game over for) The first three battles are pretty even, each of them gets a pet(little wolf, wolf, panther, in that order if i remember correctly) and you have to fight a monk, barbarian, and i think wizard. You should be able to do these battles with little to no problem by now, but now its time to fight the owner of the bar, for the bar. Before you start make sure that you get the battle even, and the girl casts dispel magic on both of you. You will either have to pay her or pursuade her to do this. This is a tough fight because he has two big wolves. If you manage to get rid of the wolves then you should be able to handle him one on one with a few healing potions. After you defeat him he hands over the bar to you and you can now get the profits made by the bar. The down side is most of the customers were his friends, so the most you'll get per week is 50 gold. But still a fun time, and if you ever come back to this town(i havent made it that far yet) you might be able to actually make some real money. Animal Rescue --------------------- If you visited the Zoo in the Blacklake district then you will know where to go. Talk to the woman standing near the big tree in the main town centre, near the hall of champions. She will tell you about how the animal's are treated and you can help rescue them. She will give you some items and a key, make your way to the Zoo and head into the locked door to the east. Alot of guards will try and stop you but fight your way past and make it till you find the assassin that was hired to kill these poor animals. Boss: "sureshot" I'm not sure if you have to kill this man to do the quest, but he gives alot of experience, and rightfully so, he is very hard. He will automatically get the upper hand because of his bowing skills as you are running towards him, and he also has a very nice melee attack damage. After you beat him head out to the tree, and click on the small tree that is next to the big one. You can turn it into a portal from the item that she gave you. Now head back in and talk to each of the four animals, and tell them to run outside to safety. Follow them out and talk to them again, telling them to go in the portal. Now return to the woman to recieve your reward.(note: you can pursuade her into giving you barkwood, a component in making magical armor/weapon) The Cure at last ---------------------- Not really a quest, just talk to everyone, watch what happens, defeat the enemys and enter the portal to helmet's hold. Pursuite of the Backstabber -------------------------------------- Another really simple quest. You get it as you start out in Helmet's hold, and complete it after you bring the Traiter back to Neverwinter. A Devil's Deal -------------------- Finally a quest with some real choice in it! Some people will mistakenly ressurect the evil spirit because they want a reward instead of experience. But here are the facts of this quest. You get it after talking to the evil spirit waiting to be restored. He tells you about the book to the south that will complete the ressurection process. He doesn't tell you that it can also banish him. Now if you choose to ressurect him you can either choose to get a Cloak of Movement, a very expensive cloak that lets you move without fear of spiderwebs or speed slowing attacks, and maybe even encumberness(not sure). You can get a magic double axe, which isn't very good... 1d8/1d8 with a crit threat of x3, or a selection of buffs that will last a VERY short time.(his words not mine) You can also choose to Banish the gost, where you recieve 375 experience. If you choose this you can now ressurect the good spirit of helm, by finding the book near the stairs up. Just having this book go click on the same alter and you can ressurect the spirit of helm, and again you get a choice. One he will answer your questions, not a real good prize and if you really want to hear his answers then save it pick that one, then load after your done listening so you can still get a prize. Ring of elemental resistance, which gives +15 to all elemental resistances. An elven court bow, which is a pretty good bow with piercing ablitity, the same short lived buffs that the evil one would give you, or 275 experience by picking no reward. Now its a choice of preferrance only, as you don't lose any Alignment points, but if there is anything later on in the game that this effects you'll surely get an update. Joining the wizards guild(mage/wizard only?)(special thanks to GinsuX ) ---------------------------------------------- Right outside the hall of justice is a tower. Inside is a woman who will inform you about the stared cloak guild. When asking her to join her guild she will give this quest to gather 4 items. They are in different parts of the city marked with sundials. There is a "wizard lab" now marked in each of the four districts. Each lab will have an elemental mephit guarding it.(one for each element) After defeating each guardian look for something to loot in each lab. After bringing all four items back she will then give you the second test to become a member. You must now enter the yellow portal in the room and defeat a construct that she created. Save and fight him, if you leave the room before it dies you fail, if you die, then you fail. Strategy from GinsuX "Before entering the portal save and tell your pompanion(s) to stand their ground so that they do not rush up and attack before you are prepared. Once you enter the portal, check out the lootable things nearby. Each one has a wand in it, earth and water. Stoneskin your henchman and slow the construct(using the wands) then tell your companions to guard you. Let your companions melee it and cast your spells from afar." Now leave and you will be a member of the guild! You get nice rewards as well as access to new items that you couldn't buy before. (stragegy by sorcerer Selenius Dure:if you use the wands you loot on the construct(including stoneskin) in the order you were instructed to by element, the construct will never activate, and will just talk to you.) Mercenary Quests ------------------ The Rogue ----------------------------- He want some official documents that will let him return to his home. You can find them in Begger's nest, in the wagon repair shop. Experience and dex bonuns as well as some thief skills!(thanks to Lokus!) The Barbarian -------------- He seeks a brooch, this is found in the docks, on the treasure chest on the bloodsailor boat or found around the docks in chests. I had found it but I never knew what it was for. (thanks to Pyrodigm for this info!) The Bard --------- She wants the celestial elexir, which according to Pyrodigm is located in the Tanglebrook estate back room. Thanks Pyrodigm! The Sorcerer ------------- Wants bread recipy, again I found this in begger's nest in the cook store on the body of the cook, but didn't know what it was for.(thanks to SeTsWiPe!) The Cleric ----------- She wants a chalice that is found in the wizards home in blacklake district. The Monk --------- He wants a ring of a former member of his clan. Is in no man's land.(thanks to Dirk7!) Stuff that I missed in Chapter 1 ------------------------------------------------------------- If you noticed I missed anything in Chapter 1 send it to Steveuo_die@yahoo.com C. CHAPTER II Port Llast ------------- You start off in the barracks, and you learn about what is going on. Youi can gather information from your great leader and a new face, and also you get to pick a merc again. I suggest picking the same merc as last time if you completed their quest, because to get the merc quest in here they have to trust you and know you, not just level up...and the only way to get them to trust you is to complete the first quest. Talk to the mayor to get a quest if you want and cross over to the Alliance Arms Inn to learn about the werewolves and get your gem quest, check around town for items and such. The magic store will give you a book quest, while a ranger nearby will give you a quest for the woods. Once you leave the barracks a boy(or girl?) will run up to you telling that he needs help, and to see his father. You can persuade the captain in the dock house to send relief packagesd for some experience and gold, but it is not a quest. Once you feel you've searched everywhere and gotten all the quests(check quests below for list) then head up north to the caves. It doesnt matter which one you go in, but I suggest the top most one, so you can just make your way down. The caves are pretty strait foward, and there are a few bosses, but nothing to worry about once you get them alone. This is a great place to get some nice loot and experience, and remember to look everywhere because there are a few prisoners that will tell you some information, as well as a prisoner you need to release for a quest. Once you get to the very bottom you will come to your first real boss of this chapter, again nothing really to worry about. Read his journal which will tell you more about the plans of the clan, and report back to your leaders. What you do next is actually hard to determine, in terms of difficulty. If you choose to go to Neverwinter woods there will be more battles, more quests, and thereby more experience, but there is a quest there that you might not be able to complete for awhile. On the other hand if you choose charwood there isn't alot of battles untill you get to the actual castle...and when you get there the battles are quite hard. I suggest you go to the woods first, which is what I did, but it is up to you. Neverwinter Wood -------------------------- Start out by going out on the east road, and follow it into an archiologist dig site. Talk to the people there to find out what happened, and get three quests.(ps an escaped criminal is in this part if you accepted this quest) Now I highly recommend you go into the troll and ogre caves, if not to complete the quests, then because of the fact that you will aquire a great amount of experience, gold and magic items. The first golem requirs a ring, you can find it in a chest on that floor. On the next floor the password is found in a chest just like the ring was(thanks to adam "mousemaster" walter.)or you cam fight him or steal the key...so head down further and the third will attack you. continue on to find the book that you need for the last quest involving these caves. Whatever you choose you can now you can now go into neverwinter woods. Talk to the druids and learn about what is going on. You get a quest here but it is only for druids. Accept your quests so that you get permission to enter the forest and then you can advanced.(ps, one of the escaped criminals is in this druid camp, if you took the quest.) Enter the cave and find one of the missing druids in there. In the back of this section is a nymps house, where you can find another druid, as well as a special dagger and mirror. Take these and head deeper into the woods. If you want you can enter the cave for a boss fight. It gives 420 experience which is alot, but does hit hard, knockdown works well on it though. Now head north ignoring the alter and head into the next cave. (let me just say this is the best house i've ever seen built inside of a cave!) Do the usual search thing, and make sure you pick up the tomb of resonance. When you get to the ugly person, just give him the mirror he asks for and he will give you the key to the cell(which holds the last missing druid) and the first gem for your gem quest. Free the druid and head back to the shrine in the waterfall. Click on kill yourself(all the other choices will result in bad things happening.) and you will be in the spirit of the forest realm. A few feet away you will find a man gone crazy, you can try and talk with him, but eventually he will attack you and you will learn the same information from his journal, so just kill him. Directly north there are rocks that contain the antidote, from there just head to the center and you will find your first real boss fight. Boss Fight:Spirit of the wood This guy lets you feel challenged again. He attackes very fast, has knockdown and stun and also can cast spells. After awhile he will give up. Talk to him and listen to his story then go loot the alters, then talk to it again to cure it. He will send you out and you can go report back in with the druids to get experience for cleansing the forest and rescueing the druids. From the information in the journal they say that the cult is in :Luskan, but we need more proof before they push thier buttons and allow you to enter the town, so now its off to... Charwood -------------- In the south road you can find a cave where you find the remains of some ancient warrior, and eventually you'll come to a well. I'm not sure what this is determined by but if you can make the swim across you can pull the chaine and the skeliton will ask you a question. Just answer it, and it doesn't matter which one you pick really, in fact some of the choices will produce some really funny answers. You'll get a magic helmit and random items. Now head back out to the south road. You can go to the tower in the southern part either way for a tomb and a gem(see quests) and there is also a portal up on top that I couldn't find out what it did. There is another cave in the north were you can find a werewolf(see quest) and then you can go deeper and enter the farmland. (note there is an escaped prisoner in the farmland) you can get a simple quest from peter the farmer(see quests) but besides that there is basically nothing else to do in here. In the cursed forest you will find a glowing pillar, the code for this is Nether, then shall, then rule. Doing this will open a portal to a hidden tomb with alot of good items, but alot of nasty fights as well. This is basically the only thing in here, and you can continue up to Charwood. Welcome to the most strange town in neverwinter. You have the choice to either fix it, or leave it as it is. First of all go to the house to the left of the mayors(basically the only other house you can go in) and talk to the next cult member. Again he's gone crazy and will eventually attack you, but you learn everything you need to know from his journal. You now have a choice of either completing the Village of Eternal Night quest, or heading back and going to Luskan. I suggest you save the town because of the experience and items gained in doing so, but if you don't want to just scroll down. Head north to the castle, you can easily persuade the man guarding it to let you through, as he seems pretty confused. Once inside make sure you go down the center path, as it has no enemys and alot of magic items, the right path has alot of enemys and some magic items, and the left path has alot of enemys and no magic items. You can only choose one path so choose the center. Now you will find yourself talking with a spirit, who gives you the task of being a judge in a case that he won't tell you about! The reason for this is because he is a god and its up to mortals to situate mortal matters. You must go up the two towers and gather the information of each side of the story and get thier testimonials and then make a decision, and if you make the right decision(its an easy choice) then you save the town and complete the quest. So go gather your information and items as well, get the testimonies, and get two tombs, one in each tower, then you go back to the spirit to make your choice(note: You can summon Belial and get his oath to find out that both are innocent, then you have a hard choice. You can choose to condemn the entire town to living outside the weave of time including the spirit by having the spirit guard the phylactery, this being the only punishment for Belial. You can also keep the phylactery and everyone goes free, including belail, exp both ways but if you set people free the mayor gives you a chest with gold/loot. thanks Lokus!) When you learn all the information you should be able to make a choice easily...which is Quint is innocent. Nonethe less they both are killed and the town is returned to normal, and you must leave never to return. Now you can return to the barracks with the proof needed to go to luskan! Remember before you go to Luskan make sure you COMPLETE your QUESTS because theres no turning back once you go in there. Scroll down for the quest secion. Luskan ----------- Before entering luskan you'll want to check out the Green Griffon inn area. The main cave where the big boss werewolf is here(only after you saved the other three children) as well as the final tomb(in the cemetary to the north east) the final gem for the gem quest, and the *final* escaped convict(see quests). Also there is a dungeon challenge run by the owner of the inn that costs 500gp to enter, and the rewards are spectacular. It will take you awhile to do it but its worth it, again see quests. Once you enter Luskan all previous quests, except search for the clan, will be wiped from your journal, as well as alot of the quest items. You walk up to see a man attack shape shifters. Talk to him for information of the situation going on in the town and then you can get on your way. First head east to the Cutlass to get a couple of quests, then head to the whore house to get some more quests and vital information/items. Now what you have to do now is either kill one of the high captains(required) or both. If you want to kill both, then i suggest you head to the sewers first, if you want to just kill one and get through this blasted chapter, again head to sewers. But if you want to complete all the quests that you get here then you will have to at least go in both hideouts. Once you enter the sewers one of high captains is waiting for you. Actually its just a hologram(in the 1300's no doubt!) but he will offer a truce, offering you alot of money and reward for killing the other one(this is why you accept the quest if your planning on killing both of them) and you can also make him say that he will release the children if you got the quest in the inn. Now head back out and head to the burnt tower and use the key to go through. On the other side of the sewers you will see a house with a big pillar in front of it. This will lead you to a VERY hard quest, with tons of monsters and bosses, but awsome loot experience and cash factor. If you don't want to do that or done with it, head around the docks till you reach a huge building, this is Kurth's layer. There are some tough fights in this place, especially the final battle... Boss fight: Kurth and 3x named guys. This is extremly challenging. I had to use the recall stone many many times in order to do this, for the plane fact that there are four bosses that all hit the same amount of damage. You have to focus on one at a time, making sure you leave Kurth to the last, because I believe these three power him up making him almost impossible to damage. Once you kill him you take his head, you rescue the man's sister(see quests) and you can leave. Report back to the sewers to get your reward. Don't bother trying to persuade him because it won't work, and when you ask about the children he laughs and tells you he has already killed them. If that doesn't make you want to go and kill him then maybe the fact he is a member of the cult processing a huge amount of undead creatures will probably make you want to, along with the fact he is alot easier then Kurth to kill and after you've done Kurth you will think this is a walk in the park. You can threaten him and he will stay there, just go to the door behind it and bash it for you to get attacked by all the enemys. Luckily most are easily defeated zombies. Go through to the sewers till you get to a necromancer. Not really a boss easily defeated and you'll get a note describing what is going on in the floor above. Head west and first go south into the spider part and rescue a nanny from one of the sacks. She will tell the story of what happened to the 9 children (See quests) and gives you your proof to bring to the mother. Now head to the west and destroy the two tombstone lookalike things around the machine creating the zombies. The machine will blow up and you can head back into the center room. Now the previous necromancer that would just yell will attack. This can be a tough battle with the mass amount of zombies and skelitons jumping on you, but get through it and head all the way to the east. Now you'll see a bunch of zombies kneeling in some sort of cerimony. Killing all of them will prompt a queen spider to pop up where the empty souls used to, and after defeating it, that part of the machine breaks. Again head back to the main room and the second and last necromancer will be ready to fight. Luckily there aren't as many zombies now that you broke both parts of the machine. After you kill her you get her journal and a key to pass onto the next area, and the entire machine is broken. Now just go through the door and across the docks thing, right away you'll see Barom, with two casters near him. These are just regular zombie mages, which do very little damage. To top that off compaired to Kurth Barom is a pushover. You should have little to no problem, only having to use the recall stone once, if you have to use it at all, gather the loot and leave. (PS you can return to the girl who gave you the keys and information in the whore house to get 50 exp for each of these guys you kill) Now return to your boss and he will make you a certificate note from a piece of loot you got from either one of these guys. Now you can enter the tower of the arcane. Just make sure you finish any quests you have before going because there will be no turning back. The Tower of the Arcane ---------------------------------- Alot of info to get in this place, so don't waste the chance. You get past the front gate showing him your letter, and enter the courtyard, proceed up and another person will ask for it. You can ask him questions too, and alot of things will be learnt. Inside you can talk to two other representatives, and you will learn some very horrible news. Find the journal that confirms it, along with a key and your on your way to finishing chapter 2. Head to the teleportation platform and go up to level 2. Each level you will recieve a key which will allow you to raise to another level. Its easy enough to figure out, and on level 4 just make sure you make the golem for yourself, it will break down the door and kill most of the enemys. Just stand back and watch till it disapears, then you have to fight... Boss fight: Rimardo Domine Since it is a mage tower you would expect to have to fight some magic users huh? Well this guy isn't tough if you know how to beat him. He has a greater water elemental that he summons, which is the real challenge there, to be able to defeat that while he casts all his powerful spells on you. Once the elemental is dead you can do damage to him, and he will surrender soon. Get as much information as you can out of him and either kill him or let him go(will effect alignment) and head up to the next floor. Once you get to the top floor you find a skeliton in the middle of a blue field. Talk to him and get as much information out of him as you can, and accept to release him. Now you have to smash the four braziers, each one popping out a mini boss. You shouldn't have any trouble with these guys, I didn't. Knock down works wonders on all of them, and they don't seem to get any harder as you go on. Once he is free talk to him and he will open the door. Now go out and you'll be on the roof. You'll be forced to watch your former master be sworn in by these guys. They will then escape and a horde of monsters will rush at you. Most of them are easily defeated, with one harder monster, but still you shouldn't have any problems, besides the fact of the problem of fighting 7 or so of them at a time. You can run downstairs into her house if you need to use recall stone. You can find a journal in the house down the stairs as well as some treasures where you saw the cerimony being held. Now brring the journal back to your boss and thats it! Chapter two is done! Enjoy the gloomy theatrics. QUESTS ------------ The Search for the cult: This will be in your journal the entire chapter, and is completed after you complete the chapter. Solomon: Soon after arriving in the town you will be approched by Solomon, who gives you a ring because you apparently saved his family. Keep the ring and continue on with your journey. Later on you will be approched by her again, and she will warn you to stop interferring with the clan. She also tells you that the ring she gave you was a tracking device and that they have been tracking you this whole time. Ignore her warnings and keep the ring. Later on you will run into her with a few guards, she is easily killed and has an important note to return to your master. Once you return the note in the quest is completed.(if you don't return the note you can get 2 additional quests...thanks to Sporkboy!) Poor Neva(thanks to sporkboy!) ---------- After killing Solomon and before giving the letter in go to the alliance arms inn in port llast. A woman will appear and ask her for a job. She will tell you about her sister Neva. Head to Charwood and be ambushed. Kill them all, get the letter. Vardoc's Hunt(thanks to sporkboy!) -------------- After getting the second letter head back to where the woman appeared and a man will appear, he will tell you about Vardoc and how he was attacked. Also will tell you that you can't find him, he will find you. Don't bother searching for him because he will pop up randomlly before you complete your quests. Kill him and return all three notes to Aribeth. The Bounty Hunter: You get this from the mayor in the barracks. You have to find five escaped convicts from neverwinter and return with thier ears. This is an interesting quest as you don't actually have to kill all of these people. Zor is found in the locked room in the Green Griffen Inn, right before he dies you can talk to him and learn about the break and a hint of where another may be located, but he then attacks you again saying that he wants you to get the reward and not another weak mercenary. Wyvern is in the North Western part of the druid encampment of the forest. He will trick you into following him and summon two easy wolves, then give up when near dead. He will tell you his story and if you let him live(he cuts off his ear for the reward) you gain some alignment points. He also tells you where you might find another escaped prisoner. Delilah is in the 2nd floor of Jax's barracks, in the east road. He won't try and get out of it, and you will have to kill him. The final one is located in the farm lands, in the hollowed tree stump. He offers to play a game with you to give you his ear. I failed the game and ended up killing him, but he is a baby killer so I didn't feel too bad about it. Now that you have 4 of the 5 you can return to the mayor and he will inform you that his daugter was kidnapped by the 5th escaped prisoner, and gives you a key to the old mines. Yesgar will try and get out of it, and with persuasion you can learn the truth of what happened, also can persuade him to give you all his riches, and cut off his ear, and give the key to the prison to release the daughter. Return the final ear to the mayor and this quest is completed. The Serpant's Gems: You get this from a woman in the inn. She explains her story and tells you that she needs three gems in order to see her daughter. The first gem is in Wanev's tower. There are two ways to approch this. She will give you a key to his cabin, and you can go in his cabin in the town. You will pick up some ingrediants(2 skeliton knuckles, a beetle belly and a slag tounge) and when you get to his kitchen you can put that in the brazier and that will transport you into a room with treasers, one including a journal of Wanev and a ward stone. The ward stone will make it so that the monsters in Wanev's tower will not attack you. You can still go in to the tower and be attacked, but it will be considerably harder because there are alot of monsters. Regardless of this you will still have to fight Wanev, and you will find the gem in his back room. The second gem is in possesion of a warrior named Zamithra, who is heading for Luskan. Now since Luskan is closed off you can know that she will be in the Green Griffon inn. She is there with guards. Now if your male you can talk her away from her guards to go into her room for "privacy" and when your up there turn the tables and tell her it was just a ploy to get the gem, she will give it up to you. I'm not sure what you do to get it if you are female though...maybe she is bisexual :) The final gem is owned by the witch in the neverwinter woods. Just give the witch the mirror and she will give you the gem. The Werewolf hunter: You first learn of this quest in the inn, but officially get it in the shrine. He will give you four silver necklasses that will cure these werewolves. What you have to do is find the three boys that were infected with lycontrophy, then the man that supposedly infected them with it, the head werewolf. The first boy can be found right in town. Urth is hiding in his house, and is easy to miss(i did) Thanks to TrevorKKbo for this information. The second boy is found in the very South East corner of the East road, by the entrance to the south road. The third and final boy is found in a cave to the north in the south road. After you have cured all three boys you can go after the master werewolf, where it all happened. This is in a cave in the Green Griffen Inn area in the south eastern area. After curing this wolf you find out that he is not the head werewolf, but in fact the man selling anti-werewolf materials! Now head to Alhelor's house and defeat the final werewolf, and return to the temple with news to complete this quest. Five Tombs of Imaskar: The mage near the east road will give you this quest. She tells you about the legendary tombs of Imaskar and where to find them. The Tomb of Fire, and Tomb of Death are found in the Castle in Charwood, on each side of the towers. The Tomb of Resonance is found in the witches house in the neverwinter woods. Another tomb can be found in Wanev's tower. The final and the most hardest tomb to get is found in the cemetary outside the walls of Luskan. To be able to go in here go into the cremator's office to get the key, then down into the catacombs you go. This place is extremly hard, filled with zombie warriors and Skeliton elite that just pop up from the ground. There are many times were you have to fight over 10 at a time. The loot is good and so is the experience but be careful because the damage they do consecutivly can kill you very fast. Eventually you'll make it to... Boss fight: Brother Toras This is another extremly hard caster battle. The stun and mezmorize along with web will drive you crazy. But first things first, take care of the 10 zombie warriors/skeliton elite/mages/ before you even try and fight brother toras. He has the usual 700 hp damage shield that alot of casters have and would be best if you tried to lure the others out first before trying to kill him. The book is on his body and there are some chests around with some treasure. Now that you have all the books the quest is over. You can also use these books in her library, but since I was a fighter I don't really know the signifigance of this. Gerrol's Wife: As soon as you exit the barracks you get promted for help, go north and talk to Gerrol and he will give you this quest. Freeing his wife in the caves north will complete it. Dergiab's head: Also gained at the same time as Gerrol's Wife, return the head of Dergiab(leader of the ogres) to complete this quest. The Simpletons Mother: Revat gives you a ring that allows you to release his mother, which is trapped in the storage area, northwest of the arciologist camp. A Troll Head Trophy: Just kill the troll leader and return it to the guard in the arciologist camp. You can also gain +3 alignment if you don't ask for a reward. What Lurks Below: This is what you might have problems doing when you first get it. When you get to the creators tomb, find the ring to get past the first guardian(or you can kill him) and continue searching and fighitng, getting the awsome loot and experience, untill you get to the next guardian. He asks for a password, which I wasn't able to find, but you should be able to kill him after you level up for a bit, or if your a monk you'll have no problem at all(hand to hand combat seems to do alot)(spells may as well) and you'll eventually find the book he wants. Return the book to him to get the reward. The Witch's Mirror: Find the mirror in the nymphs house. Giving this to the witch will get you a gem and a key to release one of the missing druids. The Missing Druids: Just return to the druid master when you found the druids to recieve a reward, the locations of the druids are mentioned above. Spirit of the Wood: Again return to the druid master after you've cured the spirit of the wood. Peter And the wolves: Peter, a farmer in the south road on the way to Charwood has a problem. A wolf that talks human has been killing his horde! He has offered you money to kill this creature. The cave is nearby, and the wolf will eventually give up and talk to you. With enough persuasion you can talk the wolf into not attacking the cattle, and then talk Peter into believing that the wolf will keep its word. If your not good at persuasion you'll have to finish off the wolf and bring him back its head. The Village of Eternal Night: Completed automatically if you make the correct choice in the castle in Charwood. Explained above. Mutamin's Challenge: This is the challenge in the Green Griffen inn. It costs 500 gp to enter, but you can use your recall stone to go back and forth, and it isn't dependant on time, the way they make you believe it is. During your searches of the dungeon you will pick up certain trinkets, the only one you need is the egg. To kill the invisable people just lure them to the pillar of light(a man will tell you this if you give him a potion) you can save one of the people from a monster on the first level, and right before you enter the final test, the other dwarf challenger will attack you. The final challenge is just to put the egg into the chest, just go slow, save and rest often, and you should be able to get through it. The reward is a ton of money, a ton of experience, some magic items, and whatever you find down in the dungeon Strange Bedfellows: Not really a quest, after you talk to the women in charge of the whore house you will get this quest, and once you talk to the girl upstairs it is completeted. Erbs Delicate Problem: Erb is the little guy on the second floor of the whore house. He tells you about a ring he gave to one of his "customers" who has a husband, and needs it back for his own sake. Just head to the estate next to the inn and convince the lady to give you the ring, and make sure not to hurt her. Harlot's Husband: Harlot is another quest you'll find in the 2nd floor of the whorehouse, she tells you how she had a baby with a "customer" and wants to raise it herself but he doesn't want her to. So head over to Galron's house and you can buy the baby for 500 gp, but if you have good persuasion you could get it down to 75 gp for the little girl....good quest scripters! The Ruins Of Illusk: This is a very hard quest, but straitfoward. You enter a building and are attacked by a mini boss, you should have no problem with him, and loot the item on him and put it on the alter. You just broke the first seal. Two to go. Each seal has a mini boss, which gets harder, and are accompanied by lots of friends. Finally at the bottom you'll find... Boss fight: Voleron The damned VERY hard fight. Besides the fact that this guy could kill ten of you, he is accompanied by hourds of zombie warrios and skeliton elite. His spells include web that will stop you in your tracks, a stunn spell that will stun you and your merc for up to a minute, daze spell that will incapasitate you for over a minute, confusion, ice stream that does 70+ damage to you and your merc, rain of fire which can cause 20-80 damage to whoever is under it, plus the fact that he has a shield around him that absorbs 300 dmg before you can actually start to hurt him. He also summons a huge bear at the beginning of the fight. It took me almost a half hour to defeat this guy, and it all depends on luck, don't hesitate to use the recall stone, and when its all over go collect your treasures and leave this awful place! Saving Evaine: After you rescue Evaine in Kurth's lair return to the inn to get your reward. Nine Lives: After you talk to the nanny in Barom's lair and bring the teddy bear as proof that all nine of this poor women's children are dead return the news to the poor lady in the inn to get a key to her husbands secret stash in the sewers. Enter the sewers through the pothole near the smithy and go north I believe to get this reward. The High Captains: Completed after you kill one of the captains, and updated automatically if you kill the second. Merc's Quests -------------- The Barbarian -------------- He wants to find the axe that was used to kill his mother. This can be found on the dwarf in the dungeon below the green griffon inn.(Thanks to Ventes 4!) The Rogue ---------- This time he wants the ruby of Calishan which can be found in Wanev's tower. (Thanks to Lokus!) The Bard --------- She wants a lock of Nymph's hair. This can be found in the Nymph's house(thanks Dirk7) The Monk --------- Wants the glove of corpse handling which is found outside the Luskan graveyard(i had found this but didn't know what it was for, thanks Dirk7!) The Sorcerer ------------- She wants the prism seeds found in the troll/creater caves somewhere before the first guardian(again i found these but didn't know what it was for, thanks Dirk7!) The Cleric ----------- She wants her husband's journal also found in the troll caves.(i havent found this one myself. Thanks Dirk7!) Stuff I missed in Chapter 2 -------------------------------------- If you notice that i missed something please send it to steveuo_die@yahoo.com Thanks! D. CHAPTER III Beorunna's well ---------------- There is alot to do in this town, including a quest you can do that you don't even have to leave the town to complete! Again go to quest section for more information. There is considerably less to do in this chapter then in the last two, and lets get started. Again you get to pick your merc, and I suggest you choose the same one as last time, if you did thier quests, so you can get the third quest from them in this chapter. Learn about what your mission is and you will have to go speak with Lillian Cambridge, who knows where one of the words of power is. Talk with her in the Drinking House and she will tell you that if you get her snowglobe she will tell you were the words of power are. Without any choice head to coldwood. There are alot of things to do in Coldwood. For one you can find the first orc camp(see quests) another you can find another wizards tower to get a rare gem(See quests) and finally is to go into the tower to get the snowglobe. This tower is a circular design with a puzzle in the center. There are four pillars, use identify to see the animal for each, the combination is Puma-Dog-Bear-Dragon. The door will open and you'll have to fight an easy mini-boss and you can get the globe. I also found a prisoner in here, but was unable to figure out how to rescue her. After getting the snowglobe and completing all the quests return to Lillian and she will tell you that the word of power is actually inside the snow globe! She will reward you for bringing it back to her, and now you can go upstairs and enter the snowglobe. Inside you'll find dryad's and dwarves fighting. Learn more about whats happening and its time for one of the hardest fights you'll ever have to fight. Enter the cave in the center and you will find a dragon guardian.In a chest nearby you will find a broken amulet. Go take it to the dryads and they will say that the Dwarves could probably fix it. So leave the snowglobe and rotate it (thanks you Superninjabeast for this info!) and now the Dryads are crazy! Now the dwarves can fix it, but it need to be charged with magic. So leave again and turn the globe to have the dryads fix it. You do not need to do this and there is no quest involved but it makes the dragon VERY EASY.(thanks again to Superninja beast for this information) You will have to fight him to get the word and free the dwarvs and elves and he is very very tough, unless you did the little mini-quest I mentioned above. If not just follow my strategy. Boss Fight: Guardian Dragon This guy is very hard, he attacks very fast, doing upwards of 15 dmg each round, immune to knockdown and alot of other things, and has alot of life. A strategy that I used was that since you cannot use the recall stone, to run outside the cave. The dragon will follow you, but he's too big to reenter the cave! So just enter the cave, rest, save go out fight and repeat as needed. After defeating him go back inside to collect the treasures and the words of power. After the short diolog head back and give the word to your master, and if you talked to the druid in the camp in the north west then you'll know that something is amiss with a tribe in the south. So head down there. Fort Ikard ----------- Head strait through the countryside to fort Ikard. There is ALOT of side quests you can do here, such as finding the 2nd orc leader(see quest) as well as a bundle of quests related to the fort itself. You do not have to complete them to continue the game, and see the quests section for more information. When your done with your quests head to the ruins, and through to the creator race ruins. This is a confusing place, and first head to the garden and talk to a wierd lady. She wants you to head back in time to plant a tree for her, and in doing so you can also weaken the guardians which are undefeatable at this point, allowing you to eventually get the second word of power. Head to the sun dial and go back in time. Find your way to the garden and plant the tree, before leaving equip the amulet of translation(you should have gotten it from a dead body by now) and talk to the slaves, if your unable to persuade them to make a weakness to the golems, find the named slave and he will give you a ring that will make the slaves cooperate with you easier. Now head back to the present and you'll be able to defeat all three golems(if you made sure to talk to all three slaves) and be able to solve all three puzzles. The only puzzle I had trouble with was the puzzle of sound, being the first time you go through it on the 7th note he might pick the wrong one on the first time through, if this happens click on the gong next to it first, then go through it again and he will pick the right ones. Once you complete all three puzzles you will be able to get past the locked door in the main room, and fight... Boss Fight:Balor Lord This is a break after fighting the dragon guardian, but don't get used to it. Kill him off and take the word of power, gather more information and head back to your master and give him the word. Moonwood --------- There is only one place left to go, west into Moonwood. There aren't as many quests in here, rather then the final orc cave as you first enter here. In the next area there are two caves, the cave in the middle will lead to another dragon who will give you a totally optional quest and give you some information.(see quests for more info) Now head into the next area, the spine of the world, and you'll be attacked by the cult. After that head into the cave to get a quest from yet another dragon, who will also tell you more about whats going on. When your done searching the area head to the fire giant lair to the north. In here there is two different entrances to the next area, you can go in the north part, but there is nothing in here really besides some items and experience, in the east way you'll fight Boss Fight: King Skragg He's a tough hitter, like everyone in here, and very fast. You'll have to use your recall stone a few times. In theory you don't have to fight this guy, because his loot is a book you can find in other area's of the dungeon, but he gives great experience. The book will explain what you'll have to do in a little while, so head around till you get to the caves. The first cave only has a Boss Fight:Death Slaad Lord I had no problem with this guy, and I did this part of the chapter before Fort Ilkard. He does give good experience and there are some chests down here, but other then that theres nothing else. The next cave you come to will be the dragon cave. Here you have to fight a bunch of the necromancers, then kill Boss Fight: Blue Dragon Hard, just as hard as all the other dragons you've fought up to this point. Just use the stone of recall when needed and eventually he'll fall. Now go to the pool near him and take the sphere, putting it on the alter. You will get the dead dragon sphere and you can now head out.(note:you do not have to do this if you wish to take the evil way out and work for the evil dragon.) Now head down to Klauth's lair and talk to him and he already knows why your there!(though he doesn't know your about to give him a bad sphere, go figure) you now have a choice, either work for this dragon to help prolong his life, and go gather the eggs from the previous two dragons that you got quests from, or give him the bad sphere and kill him. Now I don't know the reward for the eggs, but I do know the reward for killing him is awsome, as when he dies three treasure chests pop up with awsome magic items...its up to you whether or not you want to fight... Boss Fight:Guzuel This guy is unbelievably hard. He will double hit for 30+ dmg every 3 seconds, will knockdown and is immune to alot of things. You can give up trying to kill him if you don't give him the bad ball which brings him down to BADLY WOUNDED, and it will still take you a very long time to get him from badly wounded to dead. Good luck, you'll need it, and don't be afraid to use the recall stone because he can take your life down from full to zero in no time at all. After he is dead you will get the key to the back room off his body, and the chests filled with incredible magic items and gold. Head to the back room to get the final word and you'll learn that Neverwinter is severly under attack, learn more about why and head back to your master. Give him the final word and prepare yourself for the final challenge! Chapter three is completed! Quests: The words of power ------------------- This is the quest that will stay in your journal through the entire act, will update as you collect each word, then complete as you collect the final word and finish the chapter. Talk to Lillian Cambridge: --------------------------- Not really a quest, just go talk to her! Save the Supply Line --------------------- You get this quest from the man in the barracks. He informs you that orc captains around the area have been disrupting his orders for more supplies for the soldiers. He is offering a reward for the two orc captains Vaathis and Guzud. Pleas keep in mind you do not have to kill any of the orc captains, just make them give you a head lookalike and bribe them to leave and never come back. Vaathis is found in the orc camp in Coldwood. It isn't hard to find and its in the first secion of it. Just make your way through the very small camp and either kill him or get an orc head lookalike. Guzud is found in the cave in Fort Ikard, to get here as soon as you enter go east and follow the path and you'll eventually get there. Fight your way through the cave and you'll find him, either defeat him or get a lookalike head. Also while your here release the Tribal prisoner and make sure you get the leaf of peace. This is essencial if you want to do the Fort Iksar quests. After you return the two heads back to him, he will inform you about the orc King, that has an alliance with the cult. He can be found in the cave soon after you enter Moonwood. This dungeon is a little bit harder then the previous two, and you'll have to fight some tough dark elves, but you shouldn't have any problems. Again when you find him either kill him or bribe his head out of him and return it to the man to complete the quest. Rolgan's Trial -------------- This is a real tricky quest, and I haven't been able to complete it perfectly, though I have tried very hard, I'm pretty sure there is no way to complete it perfectly. You get this quest in the temple of tyr, where you learn about the fate of Rolgan, a man who killed one of the army's soldiers. Your job is to represent him, and prove that he is innocent. You will get a book with the names of the witnesses and the names of the jury members. Now you can go and learn more about each jury member, to see what they like and dislike, so you know which questions to answer, also if you want to get the best reward(that i was able to) you'll have to bribe the only jury members that can be bribed, which are the man in the drinking house that isn't very nice, and the soldier in the barracks. The reason you'll have to bribe these people is because the soldier is simpathetic with the being drunk question, while the old lady is not, and the guy with the bad attitude, well has a bad attitude and like to see people hang! Now that you have bribed two judges you only have to worry about the other three. This is where it gets tricky. The priest hates the religion of these people, as well as thier culter and artifacts, also hates alcohol, and doesn't seem to be convinced to vote innocent just because noone saw who started the fight. And as being the only questions you can ask are about who started the fight, questions about thier culter and questions about alcohol, i have yet to find a way to make this man vote innocent. The other two though are both members of the same tribe, and can be persuaded to vote innocent if you mention the value of the things he lost, as well as why she sent him to meet the soldier that night, and if your desperate then play the only reason that he is on trial is because he is different card. Now you'll have a 4 to 1 vote for innocent and you'll get the biggest reward(that I was able to get) with 3 votes for innocent you'll gain a good reward but not as good as 4 to 1, and if you lose the case you'll gain a very little reward. Another way to get a 4 to 1 vote submitted by Ricky Cheng: The witness in the drinking house will tell you a secret if you buy him a few rounds of beers(1 gp each only) Now in the trial do not mention alcohol or about the value of the things they lost when questioning his wife and you should get a 4 to 1 vote.(thanks Ricky!) A way to get a 5 to 0 vote without bribing!!! Submitted by Claudio! Thanks alot Claudio!!!: Talk to everyone keeping Lodar last, go to the drinking house and be nice to him and you'll find out how racist he was and another secret. Now start the trial. Lodar ------- 1)ask him how Griff felt towards Rolgan. Then do the insight question(if no insight appears you may have to raise your stats) 2)If it was true that rogan gave Griff a spiked drink. 3)If he saw who started the fight *thats it Zed ---- 1)If he saw who started the fight 2)Ask about the spiked drink. *thats it Vanda ------ 1)Why she sent Rolgan to see Griff *thats it Rolgan ------- 1)What happened that night *thats it In closing ----------- 1)We all knew that Griff was a violent man 2)He spiked Rolgan's drink *thats it you should now have a 5 to 0 vote!!! The Snow Globe --------------- After talking to Lillian you get this quest. Find the snow globe in the wizard's tower and return it to her. You will get rewarded and find out the truth about the globe. After defeating the dragon, releasing the elves and dwarves from thier prison and getting the word of power you will complete this quest. The Siege of Fort Ilkard ------------------------- This is a nice quest, with alot of twists and turns. When you first enter the fort you learn about the tribe allying with the cult and after talking to the captain he offers you a reward for taking out the catapaults that are attacking the fort. This is pretty simple, just head out of the fort to the west and head around north to defeat all the enemys and destroy all the catapaults. After its clear(you'll know because there are no enemys near the fort) go back to him and get your reward. Now he will want you to take out the commander for the catapault team. Head to the command post and kill Arness, and return her head to him. Again he wants another task from you, and that is to infiltrate the fort of this tribe and take out the leader,who is found in homestead, bringing his head back to him. Now if you got the peace feather you will be able to learn the truth, if not you'll have to fight your way through and take the head of the leader back to him. Now if you have the leaf you'll be able to enter without fighting, and make your way to the leader peacefully and talk to him. Here you will learn the truth about the captain, and you are given a hard choice. You can return to him, confront him with the evedance, and get the cure, or kill the leader and bring the head back to the captain. Personally I chose to cure them, because it will allow you to complete another quest, listed below, and the reward is greater. To get the cure you can either bribe it from him, for a pretty high price, or kill him, making the whole fort attack you from then on, so if you want to go this way make sure you complete the other quest from the fort if you want to.(you lose no alignment for killing the fort members, or the captain) After you either cure the tribe, or bring the leader's head back to captain this quest is completed. Investigate the Elk Tribe -------------------------- You get this from the druid in Beorunna's Well, who tells you that the clan is peaceful and doens't know why they allied with the clan. Once you learn the only reason they allied was to cure the disease that the captain gave him, and cure them, they will give you a symbol of peace to bring back to the druid. You complete this quest when you return the peace symbol to him, and cannot complete it if you kill the clan and bring the head to the captain. Deliver Eckel's note --------------------- A simple quest, talk to eckel in the barracks and he will ask you to bring a note to his wife in the farmlands to the west. Just head to the house and give her the note to get the reward. Working for Akulatraxas ------------------------ This is the quest you get from the dragon in the center of the second part of Moonwood. She is afraid for her egg and wants you to take out the Hill giant chiefton who is leading many raids on her lair in an attempt to get her eggs. So head across the map west to the hill giant caves and make your way through. By the entrance to the second floor you'll have to fight a hill giant champion, which might be pretty tough depending on your luck and class ect. Head down and continue uuntill you find... Boss Fight: Hill Giant Cheifton -------------------------------- Not a hard fight...just have to worry about his hard hitting and knockdown, but you can knockdown him as well...I didn't have much trouble with him at all. Now take his head and return it to the dragon to complete this quest. After you do this you could actually go inside the egg room and take her treasure(good magic items and gold) as well as take her egg. She will attack you but you won't have to kill her. You can if you want, and she has the same difficulty as the guardian dragon in the snow globe, maybe a little harder, and you'll have to do this if you want to go the evil way and work for the red dragon and collect the eggs. If you just want the treasure though you can just run in, grab the treasure, and recall out. Klauth The Ancient Red Wyrm ---------------------------- You get this after learning about Klauth and his experiments, and you automatically complete it after he is dead and you get the word of power, or after you complete his quest and get the word of power. Gorgotha The gold dragon ------------------------- Another dragon, you find her right before entering the fire giant's lair. She wants the head of Klauth to know that her eggs are safe. Bring her the head of Klauth if you kill him to complete this quest. Like with Akulatraxas after you return Klauth's head you can enter her egg chamber for some nice magic items, and recall right out to avoid fighting her, you'll also need her egg if you choose to work for Klauth. Things I missed in chapter 3 ----------------------------- Again all the merc quests. And if you notice anything I missed please send it in ! thanks! E. Chapter IV Are you ready for the final challenge? This is the shortest of the four chapters, being almost half the length of the third chapter(which was considerably less then the first two) but is also the hardest. You'll have alot of boss fights ahead of you, and this is your last chance to get your final equipment and experience for the final battle. You start off in the castle, talk to the two and learn more about whats happening and what you need to do. You don't get to pick a merc this time, so whichever one you chose in act three will be the merc you take to the final challenge. Now head downstairs to the jail, and talk to the lizard to learn more about the source stone and what you must do now. Head deeper into the caverns if you want and visit the source stone, but there is nothing you can do here just yet. So head out into the central city area and you can collect two quests.(I highly suggest you do them because they give great amounts of experience and you'll need maybe a last level before heading for the final fight. Learn about whats going on, and get the quest from the chief to learn about what you'll have to do. Head into the war zone, and in the first section make sure you seach all the houses for items and experience(all monsters here give great experience!) and you can also find the lost girl for one of the quests. You can destroy the catapaults and the golems to complete the other quest, to kill the golems you have to kill the wizards that control them, don't worry its easy to find them, just look for the magic field in front of a door. After you destroy the catapaults, rescue the girl, and kill the two golems you now have to head through one of the buildings to the back and you'll fight an easy mini boss. A portal will now pop open and you can enter Maugrim's chamber. As soon as you enter this place you will find Aribeth. Talk to her and she will eventually attack you. Boss Fight: Aribeth --------------------- She's actually easier then I expected, in fact I had little trouble killing her at all. Once you get her down enough she will give up, and if you can talk her into returning back to the castle you'll gain experience. If you kill her you get a paladin only sword that is only usable by neutral evil paladin's. Now save and head into the next hallway to find... Boss Fight: Maugrim Korothir ----------------------------- This guy is a bit tuffer, as he can cast time freeze, freezing everything but him and his spells. He has the usual wizard spells, and hp shield, so just keep at it and he will fall. Now head into his back room collecting the treasure and the final word of power! Head back to town and finish up the two quests if you chose to do them, now head down to the cell and talk to the lizard again to get 2000 experience! Now place the final Word of power on the pedistal and enter the source stone. This place is pretty simple, a weird person who reminds you of aribeth will give you an amulet(with minimal lvl requirment 24!!!) and just head through the cave till you reach the end. SAVE BEFORE ENTERING, as soon as you enter you'll be attacked by... Boss Fight: Currupted Silver Dragon & Currupted Copper Dragon -------------------------------------------------------------- If you thought fighting one dragon at a time was tough, well here's two. They do the normal amount of dragon damage, as well as knockdowns, with thier own immunities. This is a very tough battle and keep your attacks focused on one at a time, use the recall stone and you'll be able to get past them. Now take the key from each of them and head down the hallway. Take note this is the POINT OF NO RETURN, make sure you have everything you need, you may want to buy some heal potions, and when you are finally ready head into the cave. In here you'll witness a bunch of old ones talking to an hallucination of Morag, after they are done talking they will attack. Boss Fight: Old one Cleric and 5 morag's chosen ones. ------------------------------------------------------ Again an extremely hard fight, especially since you cannot rest in here so you'll want to save your spells if you are a mage. You must kill the cleric first because if you don't he will just ressurect the chosen ones when you kill them. They are all equally hard, double hitting for 10+ but luckily won't knock you down. Watch out for the cleric's spells cause they could damage, as well as heal himself when you get him down to badly wounded. Since you cannot use the stone of recall I suggest trying to wait in the doorway and pray the cleric gets there first, so you only have to fight one at a time. Get the key off of the cleric and head to the next room to meet your final challange... Boss Fight: Morag ------------------ The final boss and he lives up to her name of the reaper of souls the tormenter of the world, and if you can't beat her, then your world, and many others are doomed! This girl is very hard, First you have to destroy the statue in front of her to get rid of the spikes(thanks to Vhalyar). She will also cast the time freeze spell, which can get really annoying, I hope you have alot of healing potions. After you kill her arms and the statue and you get closer to her, she is completly invulnerable to every kind of attack you can dish out! To get rid of this you'll have to destroy the protection spheres surrounding her, depending on your main attack.I suggest you only defeat the one you really need to because at this point she will transform himself into a warrior mage and start to attack with powerful attacks as well as his magic. Once you destroy whichever alters you choose you can finally damage Morag... Of course she has the usual mage damage shield, but after that is done with you should be able to take him 1on1 if you have some healing potions left. Congradulations! You just beat the most innovative RPG made this year!(according to critics) now exit through the portal and talk to the lizard for some final words, and enjoy(if thats possible) the very short ending. (thanks to Vhalyar for fixing some of my errors) Quests Rescue Leesa ------------- Luce in Moonstone Mask will ask you to find her sister that is lost somewhere in the war zone. She is found in the first secion of the war zone, and return to her to get your reward, you can also deny the cloak of protection+3(which you probably won't need) to get some alignment points. Neverwinter Under Seige ------------------------ The captain in the place where you first hired the merc's(all the way back in act 1) will give you this quest, informing you about whats going on and what you could do to help. Just kill the two wizards controlling the golem's and the catapaults to complete this quest(note you get rewards automatically for doing this, as well when you return to him of your success) Aribeth's Fate --------------- Depending on how the battle goes with Aribeth, will determine your reward. The Final Battle ----------------- Is with you when you start the chapter, and is completed after you kill Morag. Stuff I missed in chapter 4 ---------------------------- I'm not sure I missed anything, this was a pretty short chapter, there were no merc quests, and nowhere else you could explore in the town besides the centre, and the war zone. But if you noticed I missed something send it in!</p>