Neverdead collectibles guide

Demon’s Nest

As soon as you start the chapter, the first collectible is found directly to the right during the battle with the Hippo.

This collectible is found above the doorway that leads inside the building.

When you enter the building, this collectible is found in the center of the lava on the ground floor.

Once you go up the stairs in the building, there is a collectible that can be snagged to the right on the edge of the first platform.

On the left side of the building lobby, there is a collectible on a ledge high above. Stand against the wall where there is a little pile of rubble to give you the extra height so you can toss your head up and grab it.

When you get up the third set of stairs, jump over the railing there to the walkway and follow it around to the left side to find the well hidden collectible there.

On the same walkway as the previous collectible, go around to the right side of the room this time and then drop down to the ledge below and there will be another collectible spinning there.

When you get to the top of the staircases and reach the elevator, this collectible will be directly across from the door, atop a ledge to the left of an office.

As soon as you step out of the elevator, this collectible will be sitting directly in front of you. They just aren’t even trying anymore

This last collectible for the entire game can be found after you finish with the large battle. Once the battle finishes, the clear round door will open and the collectible can then be grabbed on the other side of it.