Neverdead collectibles guide

Streets to the Church

As soon as the chapter starts, on the left side behind the dumpsters there will be the first collectible.

After the subway crashes and you face off against the group of enemies that appear, go through the fence that explodes and when you reach the other side of the freeway, the collectible will be on the right side behind some cars.

After your head is dropped from the freeway and lands on the street, go forward to the basketball court. The collectible is sitting out in broad daylight on top of the basketball hoop.

Directly across the street from the basketball court, a panda will come rushing out from the area there. Once it does, you can then enter the grassy area and grab the collectible in the corner.

After taking the elevator in the building, walk down the corridor and this collectible can be found hiding out behind a plant on the left side.

Exit out of the building and you will come to a large courtyard. Before you hop down to the ground level, walk to the left and follow the walkway to the collectible there on the other side of the railing. Just hop over and grab it.

This collectible is in the same area as the previous one, except on the ground floor. Break down the fence that surrounds the tree in the center and grab the collectible.

Once you deal with all the enemies in the courtyard, enter the building through the now open door and you’ll come to a doorway on the left side that has a hole in the floor. In the same room will be a bathtub that has the collectible sitting inside of it.

When you reach the large room that has the elevator and the large staircase, break down the wall to the right of the staircase (when facing the stairs) and there will be hidden room there that the collectible is inside.

During the boss fight against Sangria, this final collectible for the chapter can easily be found sitting on top of an altar behind where Nikki is hanging.