Netmarble F&C and Tapas partner for The Firstborn spinoff

Iron Throne: The Firstborn
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Tapas Media has partnered with the mobile gaming giant Netmarble F&C for a series of prose novels and webcomics based on the company's hit games.

The first Tapas project in the partnership will be a serialized prose novel based on Iron Throne: The Firstborn. Scheduled to launch April 13, Firstborn: Divided Loyalties will be written by veteran Tapas creator C.J. Young (Cinder's Ball, Dragon Prince's Bride). Vel has drawn the cover to the novel.

"When Princess Xenovia hears of a looming war that threatens to bring ruin to her land and her people, she devises a plan to save them and live out her dream of becoming a hero. The only problem is that no one in her kingdom, not even her father, is willing to give her the chance to prove herself!" reads Tapas' description of Firstborn: Divided Loyalties. "Tired of being treated like a spoiled princess destined only to marry for the sake of peace, Xenovia decides to run away and show everyone exactly what she is capable of.

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"Unfortunately, she runs into Torrs, famed hero of the North and enemy of her people, not long after leaving her father's castle. Forced into an uneven battle of strength, Xenovia is quickly captured and made a hostage of war. However, Xenovia and Torrs soon realize that they'll have to set aside their differences and learn how to work together if they want to survive long enough to save anyone."

Firstborn: Divided Loyalties is scheduled to run twice weekly, for at least 30 chapters. Tapas tells Newsarama that it has rights to publish prose novels, webcomics, comic books, and graphic novels - so there appear to be plans (or at least the potential) of bringing these to print eventually.

"Our plan is to entertain the world with content beyond games," says Netmarble F&C's vice president of IP John Nam in the announcement. "We're extremely happy to make this announcement and believe that it merely marks the beginning of a fruitful future with Tapas."

Tapas hasn't specified what other Netmarble F&C games will be adapted to prose novels and comics, however the company has a deep catalog of hits including Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and Blade & Soul Revolution.

"Studio Tapas is thrilled at the chance to partner with Netmarble F&C on the Iron Throne concept," says Alison Goldman, head of Studio Tapas' novels division. "Netmarble F&C has built a rich, expansive world, and we can't wait to bring it to life on Tapas in both novel and comic form by pairing with two of the most exciting creators on our platform."

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