New Netflix comedy You People splits critics and viewers with polarizing Rotten Tomatoes score

You People
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Netflix’s first major comedy of 2023 is now out on the streaming platform. You People stars Jonah Hill and Lauren London as a young couple who fell in love after a rideshare mix-up. However, their blissful relationship is soon threatened by their meddling parents, played by Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and David Duchovny. 

Reviews for the all-star movie have been pretty mixed, with viewers and critics particularly split. Currently, on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab), there’s a 20% disparity between the two, with critics branding it "rotten" while viewers are much more positive. 

Variety (opens in new tab)’s Rene Rodriguez writes: "You People fizzles out and loses its nerve when it matters the most, not allowing its comedy to speak for itself, as if it were afraid people in the back row – or the recliner sofa – might miss the point."

The Wrap (opens in new tab)’s Ronda Racha Penrice concludes: "While their take on interracial relationships in the 21st century seems aimed at young-adult viewers, it will likely instead land with their parents and grandparents." While TIME Magazine (opens in new tab)’s Stephanie Zacharek adds: "You People stretches hard to make its points, but for the most part it’s terminally safe."

Although, not all reviews have been negative, with Deadline (opens in new tab)’s Pete Hammond writing: "2023 may be young, but I can pretty much guarantee there won’t be a funnier, and in many ways, more important movie all year long."

In general, viewers have been much more up on the new comedy directed by Kenya Barris. "I thought that the cast had great chemistry," writes one. "I enjoyed them showcasing L.A. I laughed out loud and found several scenes very funny. I felt like it ran a little long, but I definitely left the theater happy that I had seen the movie. I don't understand why the critics' rating is so low."

"Jonah Hill and Julia Louis-Dreyfus will consistently make you chuckle while you continuously wait for Eddie Murphy to be let loose," adds a second. "It'll remind you of your favorite guilty pleasure comedies of the early 2000s with a modern sensitivity." While a third simply writes: "Hilariously funny, great cast, beautifully shot."

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