Netflix's All Quiet on the Western Front called "terrific" and "chilling" in rave first reviews

Felix Kammerer as in Paul Bäumer in Netflix's All Quiet on the Western Front
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New Netflix movie All Quiet on the Western Front is receiving rave first reviews, with critics calling it "harrowing", "terrific", and a "chilling piece of anti-war filmmaking". Directed by Edward Berger, it follows Paul, a young German soldier, whose euphoria over fighting in World War I soon turns to fear when he and his comrades are sent into the trenches. 

Based on the book of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque, it takes inspiration from real-life events and figures and stars Felix Kammerer (as Paul), Albrecht Schuch (as Stanislaus 'Kat' Katczinsky), Moritz Klaus (as Frantz Müller) and Marvel's Daniel Brühl (as Matthias Erzberger). 

All of the cast seem to have impressed viewers, with the crew winning equal praise, as Deadline's Pete Hammond writes: "It is surprising it hasn't been done before, but it has been done now with a film that looks very polished thanks to fine cinematography from James Friend, production design from Christian M. Goldbeck, and a terrific score by Volker Bertelmann. Editing by Sven Budelmann is also excellent, and even at 147 minutes this thing moves."

"Berger and his crew have crafted a faithful and heart-wrenching adaptation that fully realizes the novel’s trenchant anti-war themes," says The Playlist's Marya E. Gates, suggesting it "finds beauty in the bloodshed" and confessing that it's hard not to compare it to Lewis Milestone's Best Picture-winning 1930s adaptation. "It's wild that it took nearly 100 years for a German adaptation given it's the novel's country of origin."

Similarly, Sarah Millner describes it as "bleak" and "beautiful" for Slash Film, while Screen Daily's Fionnuala Halligan claims: "All Quiet is gruelingly realistic: impressively-staged battle sequences follow each other with the sounds of conflict booming in a cinematic bombardment. With the ongoing brutal struggle in Ukraine over territory, Berger brings home the message of all war films in the most straightforward and direct way – the cost in human life, yes, but also, of our collective humanity."

In August 2022, the film was announced as Germany's submission for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards, so its quality is hardly a surprise. Still, check out some more Twitter reactions out of Toronto Film Festival below...

Netflix subscribers will be able to stream All Quiet on the Western Front from October 28. If war movies just aren't your thing, then check out our list of the best Netflix movies for some viewing inspiration.

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