Nerd up your home with this DIY Claptrap

Admit it, you wanted an awesome robot pal growing up. No shame, we've all been there. That's probably how Claptrap from Borderlands (now a playable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) got so popular: he's so funny and silly that you'd be stoked to have him as a mechanized companion. Robot friends are a lot of work though (how many D-batteries must that guy take?), and in Claptrap's case, they can get pretty damn annoying when they open their word processors. But don't let that dash your dreams. This DIY Claptrap is the perfect solution, as you get the awesomeness of a sassy robot friend without all the fuss and electrical shocks. Plus, he doubles as a trashcan. How convenient!

Created by crafty couple Kat and Cam of the blog our nerd home (it's like Martha Stewart Living, but with 8-bit fireplaces and geeky pillows), this life-sized Claptrap is made out of a step-on trashcan and a whole lot of imagination. There's some other stuff too, like paint and whatnot. Kat and Cam lay all that out along with a step-by-step guide on how to build this faux-mechanical creation for yourself.

For those intimidated by the supply list, the guide also contains instructions for a resting Claptrap that's easier to make (and almost as cool), so even the least crafty among us can have their own robot buddy. On the other hand, while Kat and Cam's version doesn't move or say anything hilariously stupid, there's plenty of room to add a voice box or a motor to change all that. It's all down to what you want out of sassy automaton. And how great would it be to have a trashcan that takes itself out while trash-talking anyone who gives it a sidelong glance? Seriously sweet.

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Ashley Reed

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