Neil Druckmann says Naughty Dog has "several cool things" to reveal later

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The Last of Us 2 director Neil Druckmann says Naughty Dog has a few different projects under wraps.

It's no surprise that the studio is working on something new. In fact, hot off the heels of releasing one of the most critically acclaimed video games in history with The Last of Us 2, we know Naughty Dog is already hiring for a new single-player game. We've also seen footage from the upcoming The Last of Us 2 standalone multiplayer expansion. But it's the "several" qualifier Druckmann used in a tweet sent out Tuesday that makes this interesting, as that implies that there's more in development than just those two projects.

"If you tweet at me, asking about a future project, I can't say anything," Druckmann wrote in the tweet. "Please stay patient. We have several cool things we can't wait to share with you. As soon as we can, we will!"

The studio has kept its plans fairly airtight, without so much as a teaser to indicate a sequel to an existing series or a new IP could be in the works. Uncharted wrapped up Nathan Drake's adventures rather neatly, and The Last of Us 2 ended without much of a cliffhanger as well. Naughty Dog had once been close rebooting the Jak and Daxter series, but that was ages ago and we haven't heard much about that since.

Naturally, fans commenting on the above tweet have their theories/hopes for what Naughty Dog has up its sleeve. Twitter user @elliejmiller comes right out with The Last of Us 3, which is technically a possibility, but unlikely at this stage. @elementrealism is hoping for Uncharted 5, which is also but a pipe dream at the moment. @David_Salvator wonders if we could be getting Jak 4, which was once a tentative title for an unannounced Jak and Daxter game, but again, nothing's been said about it for about a decade. Several replies mention Factions 2, presumably referring to The Last of Us 2's upcoming multiplayer mode, which is already confirmed.

Until Naughty Dog makes an announcement, here are all the new games of 2021 we know we can look forward to.

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