Nearly a decade later, Fallout 4 is getting its next-gen update with 60 FPS support and a pile of new content just in time for the TV show

Fallout 4
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If the excellent Fallout TV show is inspiring you to pick one of the games back up for a replay, Bethesda is offering a very nice incentive to get back into Fallout 4 with a free next-gen update set to land on April 25.

On PS5 and Xbox Series X and S, the update will make Fallout 4 a native app for those consoles, introducing performance and quality mode settings that will offer "up to 60 FPS and increased resolutions," according to the official announcement. You technically could play Fallout 4 at 60 FPS on a console thanks to the current Xbox's FPS boost feature, but hopefully official support will offer more options.

If you're still playing on an old-gen console, the update will instead bring "stability improvements, login, and quest fixes." Over on PC, the update will provide "widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, as well as fixes to Creation Kit and a variety of quest updates." Bethesda says the game will also be Steam Deck verified as of this update.

Besides the platform-specific improvements, the update is also bringing a host of free Creation Club items. The most notable of these seems to be the Enclave Remnants pack, which includes a new quest called Echoes of the Past, where you attempt to "stop The Enclave from spreading their dangerous ideology and gaining a foothold in the Commonwealth." The Creation Club add-ons also include a pile of Halloween decorations and a deadly piggy bank launcher, which I always love to see.

This big next-gen update had previously been scheduled to launch sometime in 2023, but Bethesda announced a delay back in December, saying "we need a bit more time." Clearly, there's no better time than to coincide with the launch of a major new TV show, and there have already been updates to other Fallout games with some television crossovers.

Let us guide you through all the Fallout TV show Easter eggs. 

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