NCSoft spills new info on Lineage II update

Elroki Isle: Located south of the main island is the Elroki Isle. This place is home to the leaders of the rational and sentient reptilian Elroki. A proud and noble race, the Elrokians have mastered the habitat by learning how to hunt the ever present dinosaurs. Here you may gain favor with the islands' natural inhabitants by completing the tasks that they may have for you.

Lost Nest: Located east of the Primeval Plains is the Lost Nest. Here the sky is obscured by the seemingly ever-present cover of tree branches. The Lost Nest is home to Velociraptor, Arachnoid, and Pterosaur. Those looking for a challenge can also see out the fearsome Tyrannosaurus. As the natural predator of the island, the Tyrannosaurus should be approached with caution.

Sailren's Lair: Located in the southeast of the Lost Nest is the Sailren's Lair. The Sailren is a raid boss level monster that has survived on the island for many years. During this time he's collected quite a treasure trove. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Sailren, and claim some of the treasure as your own?

And there you go. Don't forget to check out the new screenshots from the Interlude update by clicking the Images tab above.

March 29, 2007