NCSoft spills new info on Lineage II update

Next month Lineage II fans are being treated to Interlude, a free update for the MMORPG that acts as a bridge between the current Chaotic Chronicle campaign and the forthcoming Chaotic Throne which is due later this year.

In addition to introducing new quests, new items, new weapon augmentations and a new duelling system for PvP, the update features new territory ripe for exploration by adventurers. What follows is descriptions of the new territories, words penned by Lineage II associate producer Tim Tan.

Primeval Isle: South of Rune Castle lies the mysterious territory of Primeval Isle. This ancient and primitive land was lost to the rest of Aden for years. This allowed many species of creatures, once thought extinct, to grow and strive untouched by the will of man. As time passed, explorers from the mainland found the island. Hungry for the riches they hoped to find, waves of humans settled on the island. What lies ahead for new adventurers?

Primeval Wharf: Located on the northwest corner of the island is the Wharf. Unless you possess superior swimming abilities, your best bet on reaching Primeval Isle is to take a ferry from Rune Harbor. Once you reach the wharf, you will be greeted by a host of humans, each pursuing the goal of claiming fame and riches. Here you can purchase supplies, find out more about the history of the Island, accept quests from locals who are in need of help, or for the eager to return to the mainland, acquire a ticket for a trip back home. For a price you can even summon fallen companions to you at the wharf.

Primeval Plains: Located south of the Wharf are the Primeval Plains. This vast open area is inhabited by Ornithomimus, Deinonychus, Pachykepalosaurus, and Wild Striders. Adventurers looking for a challenge can seek and try to defeat the raid boss "Uruka". Uruka is known to roam the southern half of the plains. Far to the south, you can speak to Orachochin. He can assist you with arranging a face to face meeting with the leaders of the reptilian Elroki.