NBA 2K12 celebrates end of 2011 lockout with new clip

Having worked like indentured elves over Christmas to ensure their game's Y2K12 readiness, the NBA 2K12 team have released this celebratory clip welcoming the teams – not to mention viewers and armchair players – back into the fray in time for the 2012 season.

NBA 2K12's Christmas Day update saw rosters patched for the new season, which included the addition of rookies and removal of currently-inactive players such as Jeff Green. Updates also included no end of player substitutions, stat tweaks for injuries, and even attention to players' body types to ensure the game's players held up against the real thing. There's also plenty of new uniforms for unlock and download, including special Christmas jerseys for the teams which matched up in-game on 12/25. If you missed that day's events, you can catch a few highlight clips on 2K Sports' YouTube channel, or check our interview with producer Erick Boenisch for more details on the holiday season updates.