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NBA 2K11 getting the PS3 3D treatment next week

The NBA 2K series was one of the first to be rendered in full 1080p high definition, and now it's taking the next leap by getting a complete visual makeover for those with 3D TVs.

And we know that everyone here probably got a brand new stereoscopic 3D TV for Christmas, right? Anyone? Bueller? Nevertheless, if you are one of the bleeding-edge gamers, you'll be happy to know the same 3D version that was presented in the Best Buy promotion will be coming to your own PS3 system on Sunday, January 16.

It's a free update, and it will automatically detect if you have a 3D TV to prompt you to access the new visual mode. If you don't have a 3D TV, you'll still have to download the update but, obviously, it won't have as big an impact. It's mandatory, though, because 2K snuck in a couple other tweaks as well, which it describes as "some updates to our online experience."

So, if you want to see all your favorite digitally rendered athletes in 3D, NBA 2K11 is the way to go. Oh, and apparently President Obama secretly appears in the game somewhere too, so if you've ever wanted to touch the hands of a world leader, this is pretty close-ish.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

Jan 14, 2011

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