Naughty Dog artist behind Nate's journals in Uncharted 4 shares her favorites

If you take a break from all the awe-inspiring scenery littered throughout Uncharted 4, you might take a moment to reflect upon Nate's journal. It's sketches are as lovely as they are funny, and now you know who to thank: Naughty Dog artist Alexandria Neonakis.

Neonakis took to Tumblr today to share some of her work on the latest entry in the globetrotting adventure series, highlighting 10 of her favorites (there are 33 total). If you haven't already, enjoy:

"I think the coolest part about the whole thing is my young nephew and cousin came to visit me at the studio," Neonakis wrote. "I was showing them some stuff I worked on and my cousin goes 'so wait… is Nathan Drake’s handwriting your handwriting?' I think my cool aunt/cousin status tripled that day." 

Sam Prell

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