Nathan Fillion gets another job!

It’s about time that Nathan Fillion’s luck started to change. After all, he loved working on Firefly, and the show was cancelled out from under him. He enjoyed shooting Serenity and the film didn’t exactly fly at the US box office. He followed that with the gory glory of alien parasite invasion Slither, which also, despite being a truly fun flick, didn’t exactly soar on release.

But now it looks like his options might be opening a little. He’s already shot White Noise 2: The Light with Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff (stay with us, that isn’t the luck changing) and has now nabbed a small role on Lost. And he gets to play a man who was once – and may still be – married to Evangeline Lilly’s Kate. Tough job, we’re sure. He’s already been to Hawaii to shoot his scenes, though we don’t yet know whether it’ll be a one-episode deal or if he’ll crop up in further flashbacks.

And even if they did want him back, there’s some competition. It might seem surprising to some that Fillion would sign up with Fox TV, the network that killed Firefly, but hey – the man’s got to put food on the table. He’s agreed to a “talent holding” deal, which will see the network create a drama or comedy pilot for him to star in. And if they can’t pin down anything suitable, they’ll slot him into an already-running show - hopefully one with a future: we really don’t want to get him back on TV only for the series to collapse again!

Author: James White
Source: The Hollywood Reporter