Naruto bringing the ruckus to PSP

General populous, beware! Naruto fans and fisticuff aficionados alike will no longer be confining themselves to private homes in their quest to become the greatest ninja of their generation. Come late summer, these rogues will be free to walk amongst us, heads bowed over their PSPs, as they put their skills to the test in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes.

Naruto fans and fisticuff aficionados, rejoice! Ultimate Ninja Heroes will allow you to battle with teams of up to three characters, so you can either reunite squads from the show or create your own band of mismatched face-punchers. Different pairings will enable different special skills, so choose wisely. Or choose randomly and see what kinds of fancy new assbeatery you can unleash. You can also earn power-up points which will allow you to upgrade your fighter's stats and unlock special abilities. And if you venture into the wide world with your PSP and Naruto, remember to wear your headband. It's a great way to make sure the headbutts you'll be dealing out to snickering onlookers hurt them and not you. General populous, beware.

April 11, 2007