Name your price game bundle benefits devs impacted by GDC cancellation

(Image credit: Blindflug Studios) has partnered up with developers for a game bundle that supports those impacted financially by the pandemic and cancellation of this year's Game Developers Conference. The GDC Relief bundle includes content from 105 developers, allowing you to add a swath of games to your collection at a price you can afford.

"Over the past month and a half, developers around the world have been unexpectedly and severely affected by the cancellation of GDC and other effects of the ongoing global crisis. Some of these developers have been left stranded abroad in expensive circumstances, in thousands of dollars in debt from non-refundable fees, or without any options to continue pursuing their passion in game development due to lost business opportunities," reads the announcement from

The bundle meant to procure funds to help these developers-in-need includes well over a hundred games, assets, art, music, and prototypes. Just a sample of those include the 2019 roguelite dungeon crawler Emberlight, the "dieselpunk" airplane action game Airheart (pictured above), and the cultist horror game Black Heart.

The bundle is only available for a short time (until April 3), so act fast if you're interested. Also, do be aware that game codes for platforms outside of Steam are limited to one-per-person and payments of $10 and above.

Not only is the GDC Relief Bundle a fantastic deal, it's a worthy cause in support of an industry that brings countless hours of entertainment in a time where we need it most. Also be sure to check out the GDC Relief Twitch stream if you're interested in learning more.

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Jordan Gerblick

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