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Mysterious UFO appears in Apex Legends

An overview of World's Edge map
(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

There's a new addition to the skies of Apex Legends (opens in new tab). No, it's not a new supply ship – it's a mysterious UFO.

As spotted by Apex dataminer Shrugtal, the UFO has popped up in the skies across both the King's Caynon and World's Edge maps. You can't interact with it just yet – it's way up in the atmosphere and is best admired as you leap from the Jump Ship – but as some canny players have noted, it doesn't half bear a striking similarity to the ship we saw in the concept artwork way shared back when Loba's Legacy of a Thief missions were launched.

Here, take a look for yourself:

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Is the UFO something to do with new Legend, Horizon? Will all be revealed when Season 7 drops next month? All we can do for now is watch this space.

Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch has been delayed (opens in new tab), and will now launch next year in 2021, but the Steam version of Apex Legends will be launching next month on November 4. While tentatively planned for launch in Fall/Autumn 2020, Respawn has now pushed the port back to next year to make room for the Steam version and the launch of Season 7.

A brand new Apex Legends patch went live a couple of weeks ago, and data miners promptly uncovered a brand new character within the game's files (opens in new tab): Horizon. According to the dataminer themselves, the new character will be featured in a series of "Horizon Challenges," indicating that they might actually not be the next legend joining the Apex Games. Dataminers also recently discovered information of what they purport is a new unannounced mode for Apex Legends: Arenas Mode (opens in new tab).

Apex Legends recently unveiled a new Champions Edition of the game (opens in new tab), which bundles in a ton of extra content and unlocks existing characters.

For our pick of the most elite characters Apex Legends currently has to offer, head over to our best Apex Legends characters (opens in new tab) guide.

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