New Apex Legends character called Horizon datamined through latest update

(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

A brand new Apex Legends patch has gone live today, and dataminers have already uncovered a brand new character within the game's files.

Just below, regular data miner Biast12 has uncovered a character referred to as 'Horizon' in the latest Apex Legends patch. According to the datminer themselves, the new character will be featured in a series of "Horizon Challenges," indicating that they might actually not be the next legend joining the Apex Games.

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We don't really know anything about Horizon right now except for their codename. The newcomer appears to be a doctor of some sorts, and it looks like she's addressing the player in the datamined video above.

Biast12 has also uncovered an in-game icon and badge within the update's files. The latter is one of the symbols that attaches to a player's card, just above their three trackers.

Elsewhere, regular Apex Legends datminer Shrugtal has been busy. They've uncovered a ton of new character skins themed around a Halloween event, called Shadow Royale. You can see Wraith's upcoming Halloween skin just below, and find the other on Shrugtal's Twitter page.

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This Halloween-themed Shadow Royale mode has a different name to last year's Halloween event, called Fright or Fight. Biast12 has uncovered files referencing new abilities for the Halloween mode, which make mention of a wall-running ability (Titanfall's Pilot, is that you?).

Apex Legends has a busy few months ahead of it to round out 2020. The game debuts on the Nintendo Switch later this year, and the cross-play feature will be rolled out in full over the rest of the year.

If you need help on making it up to the elite-levels of Respawn's battle royale game, you can check out our Apex Legends tips page for more.

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