MultiVersus players are being stomped by Bugs Bunny, for now

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)

MultiVersus players think Bugs Bunny might be a bit overpowered. 

Yesterday on August 4, the Twitch clip just below started circulating online. The gameplay segment shows someone as Bugs Bunny brutally destroying another player as Batman from a recent tournament, repeatedly tormenting them with air attacks and slams aimed at sending them through the floor.

Sure, that clip does make Bugs Bunny seem a bit too strong for his own good, with attacks pummelling Gotham's defender and leaving no room for response. We really do live in a world where someone can utter the phrase "Bugs Bunny is OP, nerf him immediately", and their name isn't Elmer Fudd.

It's not just MultiVersus players who reckon Bugs Bunny has been eating too many carrots. Game director Tony Huynh agrees with players that the character needs a slight rework, as evidenced in the tweet below where he promises Bugs has some adjustments inbound.

This is undoubtedly a relief for the MultiVersus community, let alone anyone who's sick and tired of getting pounded by Bugs. There's no telling when the character could potentially get the adjustments he so badly deserves, or what adjustments Bugs could even receive in the first place.

Bugs isn't the only one on the slate for some changes in MultiVersus. As Huynh also announced earlier this week, a buff for Wonder Woman is coming soon, but stated the new adjustments would be implemented after the EVO 2022 fighting tournament, which is taking place over the coming weekend until August 7. 

Check out our full MultiVersus characters guide for a list of who's already in the game, and who's on the way as a DLC fighter.

Hirun Cryer

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