MultiVersus nerfs one of its newest characters with six changes to Gizmo

MultiVersus characters
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MultiVersus’ newest arrival, Gizmo, has been nerfed to within an inch of his life. 

Published on October 12, a brand new set of MultiVersus patch notes outlined a slate of changes for the Gremlins character. In fact, the nerfs to Gizmo are pretty huge, numbering six in total, and make changes to the character’s dodge meter, car damage, air/ground-down attack, and up-special attack.

It’s a pretty extensive list of nerfs for a character who only just joined MultiVersus early last month. The response to Gizmo’s extensive nerfs hasn’t been too vitriolic from MultiVersus fans - take a look at the comments underneath the tweet below, and you’ll find most responses focusing on changes to other characters, as well as the new Halloween items and skins.

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Speaking of, the new patch puts a big focus on Halloween, with in-game festivities running from October 15 to November 15. You’ll earn Candy for every Singles, FFA, and Teams match you play, which can then be redeemed for various cosmetics, including player profile pictures, emote stickers, and Epic Variants. There are also new Halloween skins for MultiVersus characters like Wonder Woman, the Iron Giant, Tom & Jerry, Velma, Superman, and others.

Elsewhere in the new patch for MultiVersus, the fighting game introduces its second Gremlins character: Stripe. The newcomer can be unlocked with either 2,000 Gold, one Character Ticket, or 700 Gleamium, and also offers an alternative character skin called Combat Stripe, which can be earned for 800 Gleamium. 

Multiversus players are a lot hotter on this new patch in general when compared to a patch last month which dramatically slowed character progression.  

Hirun Cryer

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