Ms. Marvel set photos give us a first look at Kamala Khan's live-action MCU debut

Ms. Marvel
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The first images from the upcoming Ms. Marvel Disney Plus series have appeared online, and they show Kamala Khan in all her teenage glory. 

The images, from the set of the new show, see Kamala Kahn dressing in a Captain Marvel costume, likely for Halloween. The outfit, which looks particularly clonky, is not a sneak-peek at her live-action costume. Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan, can also be seen sporting the iconic look of a teenage girl: jeans, sneakers, and lots of layers. She's also pictured riding her bike through town in what is also a normal teenage girl type stuff. But Kamala Khan is no normal teenager.

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Her story from normal teenager to Avengers member is the central plot in this year's video game Marvel's Avengers, and although the Disney Plus series may portray it differently, the core values will likely stay the same. In both the comics and the game, Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teenager living in New Jersey when she's exposed to Terrigen Mist and obtains polymorphic abilities. These abilities let her stretch her body in almost any conceivable way, whether it's growing to a size larger than the Hulk or stretching her legs extra-long to kick the crap out of bad guys.

Kamala's Ms. Marvel costume is of special significance, as it's a modified burkini, an outfit worn by Muslim women. We haven't gotten a proper look at Ms. Marvel's costume for the Disney Plus series, but there seems to be a glimpse of the leg part of her outfit in one of the set photos. It looks like Vellani is wearing some type of basketball sneaker or perhaps a sneaker heel and red tights. Ms. Marvel's iconic costume includes blue boots and red tights, so here's hoping the rest of the outfit stays true to the character's Muslim roots.

Ms. Marvel isn't the only superhero getting a new Disney Plus show. WandaVision is on the way, as is Falcon and the Winter Soldier – both are part of Marvel Phase 4.

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