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Mr Sandman

It’s the worst-kept secret in Hollywood, particularly in light of Kirsten Dunst’s loose-lipped blabbing: Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace are playing the nasties making Peter Parker’s life a misery in Spider-Man 3 as, respectively, The Sandman and Venom.

So Spider-Man studio Sony Pictures has decided to start putting the details out before a crafty paparazzi or studio leak can ruin the look of Church as Flint Marko, aka Sandman.

In the comic, Marko is a member of the New York criminal underworld, tortured by thoughts that he might one day get to go straight and get married. But when his girlfriend leaves him for another man while he’s locked up, Marko brutally slaughters the man. On the run from the FBI, he hides out near a nuclear test site and... You can guess the rest. The massive dose of radiation leaves him able to turn his body into a shape-shifting, sand-like substance. Thus, the Sandman is born.

No word yet on how much of Marko’s back story will end up on film – or what will be changed. Judging from Sam Raimi’s first two efforts, he’ll be faithful to the origin stories, like he was with Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. And Sideways star Church certainly looks the part with his retro styling. The big question now is, How will Topher Grace look as Venom?

For a closer look at Sandman, click here to visit the Sony site.

Source: ( Spiderman Official Site )