The most evil things YOU have ever done in games

Erzsike - "I drowned Dizzy on purpose"

"I always loved playing Fantastic Dizzy on the Master System. More than once, on the bits where you are underwater, and are meant to wear the oxygen tank to breathe... I wouldn't put it on. I'd watch him slooooooooowly die, sink, then float to the top, where he'd bob around, dead. Yes, I get pleasure from watching innocent yolk folk die horrific deaths!"

Savo888 - "I humiliated my boyfriend during FIFA"

"My boyfriend loves to show off his skills on FIFA, especially when he thrashes me at it. So one day, when we had guests, I had already configured his buttons so that they'd do different things to what he is used to (i.e pass instead of shoot). For once I beat him 14-1!!! The look of embarrassment on his face was hilarious. He did know something was wrong but couldn't quite pin point what."

neil-anderton - "I did a dodgy deal in Maple Story"

"I ripped off a guy while playing the MMO Maple Story. So, there I was teleporting all around an area, grinding my butt off, when someone else pops in thinking they can kill alongside me. In Maple Story etiquette, kill stealing and item snatching is frowned upon, so if someone has already occupied a small area to grind the polite thing is to change to another channel and see if the same area there is empty. So I said "cc plz" and kept doing so... but it fell on deaf ears. The guy kept on stealing with a smile (literally, on his avatar). I then asked him "Would you please change the channel," to which he replied: "Deal with it".

"So, having enough of this I decided to teach him a lesson. I stopped grinding and asked this kill stealer if he has any need for 60% ATK scrolls at 8 million Mesos. ATK scrolls are extremely rare, consumable items that have a small chance of applying major buffs on a desired item. The 60% ones are worth around 8 million Mesos each. A lot. He says 'yes', he would like a scroll but he doesn't have enough. I ask how much, and he says he only has 5 million Mesos. After some outspoken deliberation I say 'ok', I can do that, and so we set up a trade window. Probably thinking his birthdays have come all at once, he puts in the money, I put in the scroll; just long enough for him to check the item. But I cancel quickly. He asks what happened, I say Dunno. So we begin to trade and, again, I quickly cancel. He asks again what happened, I say I'm not sure but the window keeps closing quickly. So we do this a few more times and every time I cancel quickly. He's losing patience and I fake losing patience as well. That's when I come up with the 'idea' that we both press confirm ASAP once the trade is up, before it has a chance to cancel (and funnily enough before we have a chance to check over the items being traded). So we do that and the trade goes through.

"What he doesn't know is that with this instant trade I put in a 10% ATK scroll instead, worth around just 20K Mesos. So the deal goes through, him still thinking he's getting a steal of a deal but instead is ripped off of all 5 million of his Mesos. He soon realises, but before he can go off on a tirade I say--with a smile--"Next time, change the channel", and teleport my butt out of there."

doomsday619 - "I made my brother weak in Fight Night"

"The most evil thing I have ever done in a video game is when playing my brother on the old Fight Night games. I used to wait for him to go to the toilet, or grab some food, and put his created fighter's stats right down to nothing, and mine all the way to the top."

GreyBlade - "I burned a total stranger in Minecraft"

"For me, it was the simple act of a single mouse click. After watching a friend of mine, new to Minecraft, finally (after hours of setting up and searching, we weren't having much luck) find diamonds, we set up a crafting table (which he had spent ages running back up to the surface get wood for), in our little underground camp, and made his first diamond pickaxe. I had never seen him so excited (which, in retrospect, was a little sad), so I suggested we go and mine some obsidian to make a nether portal.

"As he got close to the lava, I explained how to make obsidian, and gave him a water bucket, and told him to be careful not to flood himself into the lava, as he would lose all of his gear, to which he replied that "After how long it took us to find all of this, I won't play again, I don't want to have to spend ages finding it all again"; which I heard as "Please make sure I die, you have to now I said this". I then followed him close to the edge as he approached the lava, and, with a single punch, knocked him into the lava. In short, he cursed very loudly, I had possibly the most evil laugh of my life, he thinks it was his fault he died, and we haven't played Minecraft since."

LeftTurnOnly - "I burned my team in WOW"

"While raiding Molten Core in World of Warcraft. After downing Golemagg the Incinerator, I told everyone that the crack behind where the boss stands allows you to see Ragnaros, sunken in magma. About 15 people believed me so they went to check it out. Unfortunately for them all the crack does is deal massive fire damage and kills you. People stopped listening to me in raids after that, but it's ok: I would just soul stone a paladin and send my imp to go pull bosses two or three rooms away. Surprisingly, no one knew it was me that was doing it. Well, other than the paladin, but he was to busy laughing to say anything."

ExoStatic - "I killed for beans in DayZ"

"Playing DayZ, I came across a new player on his first time in the game after respawning myself. I talked to him for a while, helping him learn the game, get used to the controls and how to play, telling him multiple times that strangers are not to be trusted and to never drop your guard. He listened, rarely lowered his weapon and always kept me in his vision where possible.

"We journeyed through Chernarus for just over an hour, overcoming zombies with teamwork and surviving a couple of hair-raising moments involving bandits. We were both starving to death by this point, as food was scarce. Finally, we discovered the holy grail. A singular can of beans. We discussed for a moment what to do with it, and agreed to share the can 50/50. I opened the can using my can opener and placed it on the ground for my 'friend' to eat first. I left the room giving the excuse I was going to double check the rest of the house, and as soon as I heard him take the first bite, snuck in behind him, axe raised...

""Welcome to DayZ" was the last thing he heard before my axe sunk in to the back of his head. The beans were mine."

Priest282 - "I killed my whole unit in Rainbow Six"

"Finally, all was going well. 30 mins in to the level, full team alive one terrorist to go and he was within our sights! Our tactic of staying close in a group was working so we were in this formation in a little hut when I decided (I still don't know why even now!) to pop the pin on my frag grenade, and let it roll between our feet. Hahaha. It was a glorious murder-suicide! I might have got away with it too, had I not been the only one laughing manically at my desk. Needless to say it was me who had to buy the pizza for everyone!"

MichealKelly - "I lost my friends loot in Diablo 2"

"Started to play Diablo 2 on my friends save game while he was away he nearly had completed it and I wanted to see the end. Made it into hell just before getting to play against Diablo. I got wiped out, and all the unique armour fell off, couldn't make it back to the place I died to get it back - by the time I made it back to the spot trying to run past all the enemies, the armour was gone after a couple of hours of intense playing. Full set gone. He came back with 2 fillings removed (having been at the Dentist) I panicked, saved the game and made my exit. I had used all his potions and money in a burning effort to get the armour back too.

"It was his only save."

QuinningAndWinning - "I stole everything my friend owned in Runescape"

"A long time ago when I used to play Runescape, my friend accidentally told me that his password for the game was his name in real life, I promised I wouldn't tell anyone, but then later that night I logged onto his account with his username and password, went to his bank stole all of his stuff and dropped it in a remote part of a desert. I then logged into my account went to the same place and took all of his stuff for myself. The next day he asked me whether I knew anything about it, I lied and said that I had been hacked, and therefore that is what probably happened to him, and he believed me. To this day he does not know that I stole all of his items from over 100 hours of game play. I've never forgiven myself."

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