The most evil things YOU have ever done in games

Turns out, you're quite naughty

We recently ran a competition on the site to give away a PS4 and a copy of Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition. To enter, all you had to do was tell us about the most evil thing you've ever done in a video game. We expected some pretty nasty stuff, but what we got was... over 500 examples of total, virtual bastardry.

So, instead of just letting all these guilty confessions gather dust in a comment thread somewhere, we decided to gather up the best of them, and make a fun little feature for everyone to enjoy. What follows are 27 of the most evil, most creative things YOU have done in games. Please address all complaints to... yourselves. This is all your doing.

Zell21 - "I deleted my sister's 120 hour FF9 save"

"The worst thing I did was delete my sister's 120 hour+ Final Fantasy 9 saves. I cant remember what my reasons were, but it was a proper dick move. Especially cos I've had it happen to me. Actually, come to think of it, that could well be the reason I did it in the first place."

andrew-dickson - "I ruined Christmas for a friend"

"To be serious, my most evil moment in gaming was not a proud one. It was 1990, and I was 10. I knew that my friend was getting a MegaDrive for Christmas. He knew that i knew. Through subtle suggestion and--some might say--manipulation, I convinced him to sneak into his parents' room, climb on the chair, take down the 'mysterious parcel' above the wardrobe and open it. So two weeks before Saint Nick was due, my friend and I sat in his room playing Altered Beast and Sonic, giddy with excitement and high on adrenaline, knowing that any moment his parents might come back. They did. I legged it."

Zoe_Lucas - "I dropped passengers to their death in WOW"

"In WOW you got a two-man mount where you could eject people off it. When it was released not many people knew about it, so i used to fly people out of Dalaren, up into the air then eject my passenger and watch them fall to their death and die. I did it to about 40 people, each of them paid me 50g to go for a ride on my mount. Evil, but fun, and i made money from it. After a few weeks for some reason blizzard allowed your passenger to have a parachute after you ejected them so my fun ended."

dragonhero40 - "I made someone play Sonic 2006"

"I got somebody to play Sonic 06. Enough said..."

Ashrid - "I sent a newbie to die in EVE Online"

"In Eve Online I paid a newbie 1k a jump (an insignificant amount of money to an established player but a lot to a newbie) who was clogging up local chat. I asked him for an escort run to 'escort' my friend past one of the most notoriously camped 0.0 jump gates in the game. An action that undoubtedly cost him his ship and all his fittings as well as his clone!"

sleepyjones - "I ruined a stranger's selfie in Crackdown"

"Playing Crackdown on Xbox Live a good few years ago, when a wee guy joined the game. He must have been about 10 or something (I could hear his dad, or brother in the background). Not much was going on so we decided to have a race to the top of the big police tower in the centre of the map. He won. He was clearly excited about that and wanted to take a snapshot of us at the top... So I got to the top and just booted him off then left the game."

Pakuas - "I ruined horse-racing for everyone in Champion Jockey"

"Myself and a few friends bought Champion Jockey a few years ago and quickly found out we were absolutely useless. Luckily, there was an online mode where all the cool kids were playing (jokes) so it slightly extended our playing time on the game.

"We would continue to be dominated and lacked any grace or technique. Our horses actually ran like we (a couple of overweight fools) were riding them and we struggled to place in any race. We were about to trade in the game when we had a great idea. We would go off in a blaze of glory, whipping our horses like there was a Tesco van chasing us so we had a healthy lead. Of course this wasn't going to last and our poor battered horses soon began to stagger. We would then form a 3 horse line and continuously look behind us for more skilled jockeys who were making a surge. The line of 3 knackered horses blocked the other riders so they couldn't squeeze through, which resulted in one of us winning and many furious online jockeys who were smelling our behinds for over half a track each race. We did this for a good few months and became so good at the technique that people stopped playing the game. Obviously, it had nothing at all with the game being terrible, honest.

DonkeyWrong - "I tortured my cousin in Super Mario Kart"

"1993, Super Mario Kart, Ghost Valley 1. I swore blind to my loving Aunt I would allow my little cousin to finally beat me. With him in the lead I used the mushroom and hit the shortcut. As he came around the corner for the win I smashed straight into his smug little Toad face, knocking him off the course and crawling over the line for the win. I couldn't stop laughing. He was nine."

FortyWatts - "I tortured a lone human for millennia in Populous 2"

"Playing Populous 2 on the Amiga I stranded an individual follower on his own small island very close to the main village. He carried on his lonely existence watching the nearby village grow to a city. He had a perfect view of their great civilisation advancing as he wandered around his tiny hut like some sort of pariah. He'd done nothing wrong, just what must have seemed to him an accident of fate that as he took a stroll away from the village the land mysteriously fell away behind him. But he carried on with his life of innocence and boredom as society advanced onwards.

"He had to frequently put up with earthquakes, being struck by lightning and fire raining from the skies just on his little island alone, the mainland always avoided such misfortune. Every time such disasters befell him I was there to help sink and rebuild the land, his own personal miracles. His blind devotion to me, his saviour in these times of trouble was unquestionable. He never looked on at the blossoming society in front of him and pondered his cursed existence. He was grateful that I was looking down on him to fix his problems when they happened. It never dawned on him once that it was me that was causing all this damage. I'd destroy everything of his for the fun of it, I'd bring him close to his death repeatedly and at the last moment ease off the abuse. This was no punishment from an angered creator, it was physically impossible for him to commit any sins, I just took pleasure in ruining his day for him on a regular basis."

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