The most evil things YOU have ever done in games

LarryDavid - "I annoyed my friend to victory in FIFA 94"

"Years ago I was playing FIFA 94 with a mate. I tackled him in the most blatantly dirty manner possible. The ref was about to yellow card me but I kept running away from him so he couldn't book me (bizarre exploit in the game). Did this for a few minutes until my mate got so annoyed he went to make a sandwich--then I let the ref catch and book me... then proceeded to score two goals while my mate was away. Sad and evil way to win? Definitely. Did I win? Definitely :)."

Tomvevers - "I made a human zoo in The Sims 2"

"For me, it was in the Sims. One day, a robber was robbing my house and I had some cheats on, I believe, which I guess is slightly evil in itself. Playing God and all... Anyway, he popped round to nick my stuff so in a state of panic, I paused the game and built a fence around him. Once I realised he wasn't leaving the fence, I had it sussed. For the next few days, whilst my Sim went about his daily business, I was gradually building the biggest human paddock my Sim town had ever seen. I had the postman, the newspaper girl, my robber, a pizza delivery boy, a fireman. It was sick. It was deranged. I kept them there for days, weeks. My Sim had no idea of the kind of human paddock prison I had built in his very back garden. Eventually one day, they simply all disappeared. I think the stress killed them. Either that or they found some way to tunnel out of my super prison. That was pretty evil."

Akruvi - "I hacked to win in MUD"

"About 15 years ago, I was really into MUDs (the old text-based online RPGs). I was also studying programming, and I had server access to the MUD I was playing at the time to help the owner with mostly maintenance (and the random coding help here and there).

"At some point, I've found myself an arch-nemesis on the game. We would always PvP each other, hunt the other one down, spawn the recall point... but with time he seemed to be gaining the advantage over me. So here I am with a target, and access to the code and player files - I did what any 14 year-old would do, and started messing with him. I ended up modifying the game code to specifically make his attacks against me weaker, increased my own health to 9999, and boosted my own gear. It worked well for a time, until one day I made a mistake and followed him - which allowed him to group me and see my exact health. When he saw "9999", he contacted the owner and I got banned from the game permanently.

"I regret nothing."

TehluTheGreat - "I punished a friend's arrogance in FIFA"

"Here's how I decided to unleash my inner evil. I had a few friends around and we ended up having a FIFA tournament where the winner stays on. This one guy was owning everyone and nobody could beat him, by this time we had been playing a while and people were starting to get hungry so we ordered a load of pizzas for ourselves. At this point everyone was sick of losing and nobody wanted to play except the guy with the winning streak, he started pestering his girlfriend (who doesn't play video games) to play him, but she was like: "No, because you never let me win!". His reply to this was "If you beat me I'll pay for everybody's pizza".

"With the potential to get free pizza everybody started screaming for her to play him and she caved in and accepted. Knowing that there were three controllers connected to the console I grabbed the unused one and stood just out of site around the archway which was the entrance to the room. Each time he even remotely looked like he was going to score I would press the Xbox button and bring the menu up over the screen ruining his chances of scoring. My devious plan worked and she actually beat him earning everybody free pizza and an argument for the happy couple! Don't worry they are still together and actually engaged now."

smmac41 - "I tricked a friend into buying Sonic"

"In 1993 I drew the number 3 on a Sonic the Hedgehog cart with permanent marker. I then sold it to a friend of a friend for 25 quid, saying it was a limited edition from Japan. I never heard back from them. Not exactly 'Evil within a game', but funny as hell."

DoomSpoon - "I turned evil at the end of Fable 2"

"In Fable 2 I lived a healthy, noble life. I helped everybody I could, rebuilt towns and won the adoration and respect of the populace. I married and had two children, I shared my wealth readily and didn't give in to greed. I would not steal or bully people. Despite many advances from men and women in every locale I remained faithful to my loving wife but treated everyone with respect and dignity.

"Right up until the point I sacrificed hundreds at the Temple of Shadows, starting with my own children and wife, then moving on to my adoring following. When people started to fear me I slowly played them until they worshiped the ground I walked on. I wooed them, bribed them with gifts and lured them in to their unpleasant fate. I was calculated in my approach, trying my best not to physically harm or scare them, to gain their trust and lead them to an unpleasant death. They'd follow me in their droves all hearts and smiles right up to the last moment.

"I showed not the slightest remorse."

04whim - "I used the whole map to torture a man in Just Cause 2"

"My most evil moment is probably in Just Cause 2. With the aid of mods, I made Rico immortal, dragged a guy to the top of a mountain, spawned a tractor, tethered the man to the tractor and drove off the side of the mountain. So as the tractor rolled down the mountain, he was being flung away from it until the tethering would slam him straight back into the mountain and repeat until the bottom. Amazingly, he got back up at the end. So I sent him out to sea with the air propulsion gun."

mack535 - "I made Batman cry"

"Made Batman's parents in Scribblenauts and killed them. In front of Batman."

Ok, now we're scared...

In conclusion then, you lot are evil. We lost count of the number of hogtied innocents in Red Dead, baby penguins killed in Mario, or murdered prostitutes. In GTA, obviously. Aaanyway, this is usually the point where we invite you to leave comments. But don't. For the love of god, don't. That's quite enough evil for now...

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