Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken find The Lonely Maiden

No, it’s not another overcrowded dating rom com – but it is a com. And The Lonely Maiden has just scored a winning trio of thesps to star.

Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H Macy, who have all been dabbling in comedy recently (if you count Macy’s Wild Hogs, which we don’t), and now they’ve all signed on for the tale of three museum security guards who become attached to the artwork – including the titular piece – that they’ve spent years guarding. Then comes the shocking word that the art is to be transferred to another location. So what do they do? Well, it’s a comedy, so instead of accepting fate, they hatch a plan to steal them back.

Peter Hewitt, who still surprisingly gets work after the shockingly bad trifecta of Garfield, Thunderbirds and Zoom, will handle the megaphone chores for Michael LeSieur’s script, which starts shooting mid-November in Boston.

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