More Xbox Series X and S being made available through the Console Purchase Pilot Program

Xbox Series X restock update tracker
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A new wave of consoles are being made available by Microsoft, giving dedicated Xbox players a chance to purchase the Xbox Series X and Series S direct from them. 

The Xbox Purchase Pilot started last month, allowing those deepest in the Xbox infrastructure the chance to beat scalpers and avoid the harrowing experience of trying to buy a new-generation console. This new method instead gives buyers a direct line to Microsoft itself to pick up new hardware.

The problem was that space was limited, meaning that some potential buyers, despite being part of the Insiders program, were not selected for the opportunity. 

Thankfully, there is good news. The Xbox Insiders Twitter account has now said a new round is being opened up and players can try to apply to get their hands on the new generation consoles, be it an Xbox Series X or a Series S. 

Currently, this is only available to US users. If that is you, however, you can apply for the chance on the Xbox Insider Hub on the Xbox One or PC app. Navigate over to the Previews tab and you will be able to submit your name. 

For those who weren’t selected in the last round, thankfully you've been automatically entered for this new wave. In a couple of days, players will hear back if their shot at buying the console was successful. 

It’s reiterated that many who do apply won’t be selected as there is no guarantee and supply is limited.

The unfortunate reality is, as many who have tried to pick up a new generation console will know, there aren't enough to go around. It’s no secret that console makers have been struggling to keep up. Xbox has even previously stated it wish it had the supply to keep up with the astounding demand.

The bad news is that these shortages of new generation hardware are expected to push into 2022. However, at least with programs like this, players can be sure that consoles are getting out to those who intend to use them, as opposed to selling on for profit.

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