More Dark Knight Viral marketing tricks!

We suppose it was only fitting that the Joker would try something around Halloween, so it wasn’t surprising that yet more cryptic Dark Knight viral marketing would crop up this week.

First up was a new page at WhySoSerious with a Jack-O-Lantern (or is that Joke-O-Lantern?) flickering into life boasting a melting visage that had fans slavering with the idea that we might be getting our first picture of Two-Face. But nope, once a massive scavenger hunt was completed – which involved US fans being led to parts of major cities to take pictures of letters – a message was completed ("The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules”) – the reward was simply a new picture of the Joker being driven around by one of his goons.

But it doesn’t end there, oh no… A new link has appeared, to a site calling itself Rory’s Death Kiss , (a nice take on the film’s real camouflage title while it was shooting in Chicago, Rory’s First Kiss) where participants are encouraged to make themselves look like clowns and goof off in front of their city’s most famous landmark (without getting arrested), take a picture and submit it. This looks like something even us Brits can get involved in, so get that pancake face on and head out to the local landmark, folks. The deadline is midnight on November 17th, and we’re promised a treat in return, so get to it…

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