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More Being Human Season Three News

SFX blogger Narin Bahar gets the latest direct from Toby Whithouse's mouth ...

With the interesting casting news coming from the set of Being Human series three, it seemed a good time to badger arguably the loveliest show creator in the world (or at least the only one who answers my emails) for some behind the scenes gossip about what we can expect from next season.

Originally, this was going to be a paragraph's quote to go into this story here , but as he gave so much in the way of juicy gossip written in his own inimitable style, it seemed worthy of a blog post of its own. So here, from creator Toby Whithouse's mouth (well, email) here's something to whet the appetite of Being Human fans for next season. There are minor spoilers, possibly, although if it turns out actually to be a series of humorously written red herrings instead it's not our fault.

This is what he had to say:
"Season 3. Firstly I approve of our adoption of the American term 'season' for what we used to call a 'series'. Even though in the States, as series really does last the the length of a season. Whereas over here our series' are much shorter. I mean how many seasons in Britain last just 6 to 8 weeks?! Apart from summer, obviously. Anyway, usually I hate the way English has become so wantonly Americanised, but this I like. So carry on.

"So. Season 3.

"First I should say thank you to all of the fans and BH bloggers for sending us all those lovely goodwill messages. I notice I have started being referred to as Lord Toby. Again, this is something I approve of as I've been trying to get my family to call me that for years with little success.

"But thanks to the fans for their messages. They were distributed amongst the cast and crew before the first readthrough and it was a genuinely lovely way to start proceedings.

"Actually the readthrough was terrific. We've got our familiar much loved cast back, as well as some jaw-droppingly pant-wettingly exciting casting for a couple of guest characters. Proof of the success of the show became apparent in the casting sessions, when well-known actors – the level of actor way out of our league on series 1 and even series 2 – would come in and say 'I've never seen the show, but my teenage son is a huge fan and he'd think this would be so cool if I was in it.' That should be our motto. 'Being Human: we make middle aged men look cool.'

"So we've started filming. I'm currently writing ep 8 (It was all a dream! Who knew!) and looking at he rushes of each day's filming. It looks amazing. We're using a new type of camera, you see, that gives each and every frame the most extraordinary depth and texture and colour. Producer-Phil likes to tell me all about it - the technology behind it, the practicalities of filming with it and so on - but as I keep telling him, I am WAY too artistic and pretty to understand or care.

"But what can I tell you about season 3? You know me well enough to know that it won't be anything useful.

"There are some new werewolves. There are some new vampires. And there's a something else. For years I've had people saying to me "You should put a witch/zombie/demon/banshee/warlock /goblin/fairy/pixie/angel in your show." I think they've got Being Human mixed up with Dungeons and f**king Dragons. Anyway. I've always secretly planned to pop one of them in to an episode, and it finally happens in season 3.

"We discover that the vampires have been doing something secret and staggeringly cruel to werewolves for decades.

"Three have become four now, and in the next season they briefly become five.

"And as I might have said before: in season one, the threat was supernatural. In season two, the threat was human. In season three, the threat comes from within.

"Anyway. It'll hit your screens in January, I think. Enjoy."

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