Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo out now with transferable progress

Monster Hunter Stories 2
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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin now has a Nintendo Switch trial demo allowing players to try out a decent portion of the game before they buy it. 

The demo is from the start of the game, allowing players to establish themselves in the world before things really open up. The great news is that all the progress you make in the Trial version will be transferable to the full version of Monster Hunter Stories 2 when it launches on July 9. 

To download the demo you will need 2.8 GB of free space on your Nintendo Switch. Capcom has even provided a fairly in-depth manual for the Trial too, going over just about everything you'll need on your adventure into the world. 

There are several limitations to keep in mind with the Trial version of the game. First of all, multiplayer will not be available in the demo, be it local or online. This is one of the main touted features of the upcoming game, which will allow you to team up with friends to fight your monsters. However, you'll have to be patient for the full release for that. 

The Trial version will also only have one save slot in the game, so unless you delete and start over, you will have to stick to just one character. (It is noted that in the full game, there will be three save slots.) Also, the trial version will only allow players to reach level 11. You will be able to keep playing after that, but you'll receive no exp after that point. The Trial version also doesn't feature Amiibo functionality.   

Capcom has also left a warning for players intending to continue to play the demo even after completing it. It says: "After completing the Trial Version, a window will appear asking if you would like to "Save your current game progress?" with the options to "Save" or "Cancel." Please keep in mind that by selecting "Save," you will no longer be able to use the same save data to go back and play through the Trial Version."

To avoid this and continue playing the Trial version, Capcom advises using autosaves from before the competition. However, if you can brave all that, you can hop in and start riding and exploring with monsters on your Nintendo Switch.

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