Monster Hunter Rise players are down bad for Sunbreak's new character

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak hasn't even been out a full day and players are simping over its new character.

That would be Dame Fiorayne, newcomer to Monster Hunter Rise via the Sunbreak expansion, which just launched earlier today on June 30. You can briefly meet Fiorayne via the tweet just below, and then check out the replies to said tweet to find out just how thirsty everyone is for this new character.

Yes, people sure are horny for Dame Fiorayne. You can peruse a selection of carefully curated tweets about the royal ambassador just below, which stay tasteful and definitely don't border on creepy like a hell of a lot of folk have been tweeting about ever since Sunbreak launched.

If you didn't already know, Dame Fiorayne sort of acts like the catalyst for the Sunbreak expansion story getting off the ground in Monster Hunter Rise. The character arrives near the beginning of the new expansion, pleading with the player to journey to a brand new region and defend it against encroaching monsters.

Sunbreak is sure shaping up to be one hell of an addition to Monster Hunter Rise. Even in the early hours, the expansion hands you multiple new beasties to deal with, and even a new hub area to journey to. If you played the brilliant Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World a few years back, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect with the new DLC.

You can even go hunting with your favorite Monster Hunter Rise characters thanks to a brand new feature in Sunbreak. 

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